Team Fortress 2 Trailer Release

The trailer shows off the various character classes and the revamped version of the classic map “2 Fort”.  You can download a 720p video direct from Valve, or watch a lower quality-streamable version below.

jedicurt6571d ago

This thing didn't show me anything to catch my intrest. just some random little cut-scenish clips.

they are going to have to do alot more to prove to me this it worth playing

Fraggerock6571d ago

Hey it looks like Valve has pulled the original file. If you'd like I have it hosted at my site as well (if you're looking for the 720P version that is)

MaGoo6571d ago

Some how it reminds me of da movie THE INCREDIBLES!!! hahaha


Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Interview

While fans may have to wait until summer 2007 to get their hands on Valve's next chapter in the Half-Life game saga, the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 is still considered one of the big game releases of next year since it will also include the long awaited Team Fortress 2 and their puzzle shooter Portal. FiringSquad got a chance to chat with Valve's director of marketing Doug Lombardi to find out more about Episode 2.

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Mikey_Gee6441d ago

Waiting till summer 2007 BLOWS HARD !!

But I will still pick it up

Capt CHAOS6441d ago

I just know this will be worth the wait, even if for just Counterstrike Source and TFC!

- I'm sure the game will be cool too!


Half-Life 2: Episode Two delayed untill summer 2007

Valve's Doug Lombardi today admitted that Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be delayed untill summer 2007, instead of early 2007. This automaticly means that Portal and Team Fortress 2 won't be released earlier either.

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Antan6457d ago

well i guess they may use the extra dev time to implement some nice dx10 trickery into the source engine.

Capt CHAOS6457d ago

Still, a shame for the delay though..

BoneMagnus6457d ago

This helps my wallet for the winter - and guarantees a great game to play this summer.

Deceased6457d ago

The PS3 keeps causing games to be delayed, they can't get much to work on the 7600gs gpu in the ps3.

The_Firestarter6456d ago (Edited 6456d ago )

HL2: EP.2 was orignally made for pc, but was pushed to the consloe with the rest of HL2. This is because Valve needs the extra money. Maybe for developing HL2: Ep.3. So stop blaming the PS3 for your life problems. You people really bug the sh*t out of me with your arrogance.

PC gaming beats the crap out of console gaming anyday. Ever heard of Crysis?

Mikey_Gee6457d ago

That blows HARD .. this was one I REALLY WANTED ASAP.

I hope the polish the crap out of it even more since they now have FAR TO MUCH TIME till launch in my books.

Aaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhh !!

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Portal Interview

CVG dive through a portal with Valve's Kim Swift amd Doug Lombardi to discover more about the world of puzzly weirdness.

When Half-Life 2: Episode Two launches early next year, it'll come packaged with two tasty extras - Team Fortress 2 and, what we're concerned with here, Portal. Portal, for those recently emerging from under a rock, is a puzzle style game where players use a 'portal gun' to open entry and exit portals to solve, well, puzzles. It sounds weird and indeed is a real head-screw to watch in action, but with Valve Software at the development helm you can be sure it'll be as entertaining as it is odd. CVG coght up with Kim Swift, one of the members of the Portal dev team, and Valve's Doug Lombardi to find out more...

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The Snake6482d ago (Edited 6482d ago )

I thought this game was pretty intriguing when I downloaded the trailer from Xbox Live. I am definitely going to give it a good playthrough. Team Fortress 2 looks fun as well. The fact that both of these games come with HL2 as a bonus just makes it even better.

zonetrooper56482d ago

I would get this game for the PC but my PC is kinda crappy so i'm getting it for my Xbox 360.

Jaireme16482d ago

I am definately going to pick up HL2. I have never played it before, but the trailers and the fact you get three games for the price of one is hard to pass up. That portal game looks like its going to give me a bald spot trying to beat it. It is a remarkably fasinating and mind boggling game. It will a breathe of fresh air when I get tired of playing and beating my other PS3 games.

ryanjtravis6482d ago

What a fantastic game package... Portal and Team Fortress 2 look like they are going to be good (if not great). It is not often that you see such quality titles in a "bundle". We are lucky to have companies like Valve, who obviously care about gamers and making great games. Kudos, Valve.

Mikey_Gee6481d ago (Edited 6481d ago )

I have HL2 for PC ... but to be honest ... I have been a HL fan FROM THE START and "I WILL" buy it and RE-PLAY it on my 360.

Since I know it is coming to the 360, I did not bother buying the expansions for my PC version since it will be bundled. (plus .. BIG SCREEN with MAX GRAPHICS is better than my PC experience .. and my shat kicking surround sound in the living room IS A MUST)

Think about it

- HL2
- the expanded episodes
- portal play
- Team Fortress 2 (I love the look of it and it it is anything like the original .. IT ROCKS)
- Counter Strike Source


How do you beat that ????

Not to mention the Multi-Player stuff is FRICKEN WICKED (TF2, CS .. if you never played it .. get ready)