Blu-Ray May Win Home War but HD DVD May Win Business War

Blu-ray may have beaten HD-DVD at Blockbuster, but who will win the Blu-ray/HD-DVD fight for the enterprise? Although Blu-ray discs offer greater capacity, the HD-DVD format has been perceived as having an edge in the corporate space, in light of the fact that its components and discs are generally less expensive.

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Dancryer4139d ago

HD-DVD needs to learn the term 'clutching at straws' , Although im not that pleased about it Blu-ray will and most probably has won in every aspect of the format war.

Its time to deal with it more realistically.

Azurite4139d ago

If I recall correctly there was a price comparison made some months back and the conclusion was that Blu-ray was in fact cheaper.
And since it has sold pretty well, these past few months, shouldn't the production price been lowered further by now?

tehcellownu4139d ago

hddvd isnt gon doesnt even support it fully..they just put it out there because of sony blue ray..they are not takin it seriously so why even care about hddvd? no one behind it..

sonarus4139d ago

agree msoft has shown no support for hd-dvd at all. They jst didnt want to pay sony for the add. They are banking on digital video distribution which is nice but not for me especially when i can do all that on my computer. Toshiba needs to fold. Its really in their best interest

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The story is too old to be commented.