Stuntman: Ignition Preview

It's been nearly five years now since the original Stuntman hit the PS2 and the series has since been quiet, but all that is about to change this August when developer Paradigm plans to release the high octane sequel to it's death-defying stunt driving game. The basic concept of Stuntman: Ignition is the same, you are a Hollywood stuntman and you must use precise driving skills and show no fear in order to progress through several big budget films, commercials, and tournaments.

Each film will be broke up into scenes and will feature around 20 stunts, 25 different stunts will be featured throughout the game. In order to progress through scenes you can't miss more than five director stunts, which are marked on the stages with yellow icons. Many of these stunts consist of making death-defying jumps, smashing through helicopters, and making sharp 180 degree turns, but don't be afraid to get creative and improvise your own stunts to make the film you are shooting better and amp up your score.

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