Talking to PS3 system software engineers about leading up to "1.80" and its future

Impress AV Watch - sister site to Game Watch - recently spoke with two of the engineers on the PS3 firmware team, Sony Computer Entertaiment CTO Kawanishi and AV bigwig Kanehide who reveal a good deal about the past, present and future of the system's non-game capabilities.

In addition to clearing up misconceptions about in-game soundtrack support which is already in place, the duo hint at future firmware updates that will further improve DVD and Blu-ray upscaling, provide Wake On LAN support and much much more.

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Lord Anubis4142d ago

Best interview I've ever read, the guy is truthful and straight forward. Lots of questions answered.

razer4142d ago

This is a great interview. Not to start any type of flamewar on this topic but I really wish MS dashboard dev team were as forthcoming about their plan for the future of the dash. They are vague at best and leaves little confidence in the choices of improvements they make. I really think the PS3 dashboard in general has caught up to the 360 and is about to surpass it. Considering Sony seems to be releasing new futures all the time vs MS waiting for their 2 updates a year that are usually feature lacking.. MSN support? Who the hell asked for that?

Bits-N-Kibbles4142d ago

This is probably one of the most informative things i've read about the PSN. Great Find. I can't wait until all of the "you'll see" answers will be answered.

RedSeven4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

"Q.Linking to games, the 360 has a feature to allow music in the HDD and network to be played back as game BGM."

"K1: PS3 already has such function in the system software. It is up to the game developers to use the function. Same goes for pictures and videos."

Interesting, I hope this comment stops people from complaining that Sony doesn't do this with its games. Yell at the developers now! :-P

quiddd4142d ago

What part of the startup sequence is the dashboard?

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The story is too old to be commented.