The Other Adult Only Games

Only 23 games have ever been rated Adults Only in the 13-year history of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, according to the board's site.

If Manhunt 2's AO rating sticks it will be the twenty-fourth title to receive such a rating and the first console title, not including the Hot Coffee edition of GTA San Andreas, to get such a distinction.

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Diselage4140d ago

Quite the list of AAA titles there.

M_Prime4140d ago

most of those are porn games.. that i would hardly consider games... and SAN ANDREAS FOR REAL???

i thought the first SA was M and after the hot coffee mod it was AO

Diselage4140d ago

It was M originally but it's still AO now.

sumfood4u4139d ago

No surprise since the internet has the quickest selection for watching porn! 8=========> you get my point!

sandip7874139d ago

The Joy Of Sex, All Nude Cyber, All Nude Glamour, WET - The Sexy Empire All Nude Nikki.
wow im surprised these got adult only ratings......