Negima - Neo-Pactio Fight Intro and Gameplay Video

What the Wii lack in processing power it makes up with art-style. Get ready for cel-shading action! Magical Teacher Negima is hit manga/anime series in Japan, made famous by the pen behind Love Hina. Ken Akamatsu is known for his fan-service and ecchi styles, let's hope that carries over to its gaming incarnation.

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texism4143d ago

That SOUNDS painfully annoying.I really hate high pitched anime-girl yells

ITR4142d ago

Otaku's will eat this game up.

I'd be tempted to buy it if it comes stateside.

sumfood4u4142d ago

Anime is great to watch, but I wish they bring it to america with the same Voices as the Series like they did with DBZ & Yu Yu Hakusho!

Phantom_Lee4142d ago

god.... Magical Teacher Negima sucked big time.....the creator is still riding on the Love Hina formate...which is very old...he needs something new fast