CSM: MAG Review

While this ambitious online-only shooter suffers from a few technical kinks, action fans with a penchant for multiplayer mayhem should be happy with this much-hyped war game. After choosing a side and playing through a brief tutorial, you can join one of the missions and chat with teammates using an optional headset. "Sabotage," for example, supports up to 64 players and your task is to protect valuable data from the opposing force (or, if on the other side, steal this intel from the enemy). In "Domination," which supports up to 256 simultaneous players, you must fight to secure and hold eight targets.

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OGharryjoysticks4196d ago

Level 8 unlocks all the game modes.

I'm too drunk to try the 256 match.

Moosehead FTW! =)

I might not be the sharpest shot but I'm a sneaky dude and I even got the stealth upgrade now so I don't show up on radar - watch your back =)

-Alpha4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Your drunk alright!

Anyways, great score. The game seems to be getting generally positive reviews.

I wonder if people will complain about this review too.

MAG is definitely going to be up to the community on how it succeeds.

saint_john_paul_ii4196d ago

you play FPS' better when you are drunk.

y0haN4196d ago

This game is stale.. rent it before you waste your money.

Guido4196d ago

Talk about a great achievement for Zipper here. An online only game that offers huge epic battles scoring an 80 overall is awesome. It just goes to show that when somebody does an online-only game right, it too can score very well.

Mr_Bun4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Stale?....says the guy with the L4D avatar.

Stale....basing a game on a conecpt that has been done about a zillion times in the movies and about half a zillion times in video games using an ancient engine

Edit: Penny

S.V.E.R. owns!

y0haN4196d ago

Yeah, L4D got old, it got replaced; L4D2. And now I don't play it. But at least it was actually fun before it left the garage.. unlike this.

raztad4196d ago


Let it go man. Dont you notice that, regardless the score (or scores) MAG is getting, everybody here is having a great time with the game? they actually OWN the game and your opinion mean nothing to them.

I for one enjoyed the beta A LOT, in a few days I'll be playing the full game.

My advice is rent it, play it and play it well, tactically, be part of a team. Give support, level up and then if it doesnt grow on you, return to whatever game you were playing.

y0haN4196d ago

Gaming's subjective, like all art forms.. but I'm saying I never had any fun with this game, so I recommend you rent before you (in my opinion) waste money on buying it.

It's nice that you have fun with it, but the Sony Defense Force seems to have fun with anything so long as it says SCEA/SCEE on the box.

II-Reaper-II4195d ago

I"ve seen two 9s and a 8 today.I think people r starting to realize what an awesome game this really is.I love it.The way u rank up,the strategic ways u have to spend ur skill points ,the teamwork ,basically the whole freaking concept.AWESOMe game guys,give it a try

thewhoopimen4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

I thought this title was garbage when I first played it on Beta. To be honest it isn't the most polished FPS out there. But that's where Zipper went wrong with the open beta release. The missions were so locked it had less stuff than COD: MW2. It felt like you were just thrown on a big map and you ran around and shot ppl. What Zipper didn't really show (until I just watched the game modes now on PSN), was how each objective map type played into the overall shadow war.

I'm starting to get the idea about this game and it's appeal. The sabatoge and suppression missions slowly introduce into the more technical aspects of the game like the airstrikes, squad control, etc. The Domination mode seems especially daunting with 8 control points that need to be coordinated in order to move on to the next objective. Wow. This game is trying to cover ALOT of different aspects of other FPS shooters and completely rewriting alot. Also... allowing for so many players on each side, means FPS gaming clans that enjoy team work can finally play together as ONE team. That's a really badass idea.

PinkUni4195d ago

lol l4d2 is so boring

and its the same sh!t as the fist one LOL

the weapons in that game are sh!t compared to counterstrike source which is what its based off of

you must be new to gaming HAHAHHAHA

Red Panda4195d ago

I don't agree with yohan but it is his opinion. However I also do not agree with the zombie thing has been done too much. Yes it has been done about a million times but I f-ing love zombies. I will never get tired of it. I do not like left for dead just so were clear. I hate that companies have the potential too make an incredibly scary and intense co-op zombie game and they put pathetic crap out like left for dead. Where is the fear, fight for your life, running out of ammo, strategic open world game that doesn't run on a horrible piece of crap engine? The first resident evils were cool because you were not invicible and it was down right scary. I hope one day someone will wake up and put the fear back into the heart of the world. Red panda go...........

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Delta4196d ago

S.V.E.R. is over populated.
Stupid Gamestop pre order crap.

Go Raven!!!

TheHater4196d ago

There defensive maps are just unbalance compare to the other faction defensive maps. So all the elite players movie to SVER to pwned and boost their stats. I have 1 person so far on my buddy list that did this so he can boost his stats.

Delta4196d ago

i said "over populated" not over powered

rdgneoz34196d ago

I haven't seen S.V.E.R. be overpopulated. I know raven is a bit under populated, but valor has a bunch of people as well. Its just that the S.V.E.R. is winning. Also, I never got the gamestop preoder, I went for the hockey masks :P. A few levels till 40 so I can use them for the light and medium armor. Also, if you want to boost stats, easiest way is for people to actually get a med kit and revive / heal their teammates. I do it all the time inbetween kills and get a nice chunk of xp from it.

pixelsword4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

selecting different countries show different results.

I'll have to see which side my old SOCOM clan chose before I choose. I personally like Raven for their suits, Valor for their maps (easy to defend once you know how) and SVER for their even harder to attack maps.

sikbeta4196d ago

I thought everyone was going to Join based on Factions and their respective location:

S.V.E.R = Asia

RAVEN = Europe

VALOR = Americas

Is Amazing how this Game is working, in the technical aspect and as a Massive Gaming Community, I DAMN LOVE IT...

sikbeta4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

IMO Raven Faction is like a SO-Future-Tech Army, Valor is like the typical American Army and S.V.E.R are more like a Terrorist Faction, The 3 are really Awesome...

DaTruth4196d ago

Damn, you guys just made the game sound really good. Impossible for me to play online games anymore, so I won't be getting this. With the baby here, games without a pause function are just not happening!

Bathyj4195d ago

Thats a shame.

Maybe its your kid that need a pause function. ;)

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SuperbVillain4196d ago

nice!!! i might have to check this game out..but so many great titles coming out ahhhhh!!!

rbluetank4196d ago

Sver has some very organizes attacks and schemes... Raven is in last place on schemes... Valor first then Sver second and Raven bottom last... lol can anyone find the first day stats on who had the best team on opening day wins/loses?

OGharryjoysticks4196d ago

I don't know what game you're playin', but log back on and check the bars for the squads in the menu. SVER runs sh+t. Valor is only doing better than Raven because Europe hasn't got the game yet. Nobody in Europe is going to play as Valor.

Delta4196d ago

Raven is beating Valor in Acquisition as of now.
Raven is the best, least people and still pwning ppl.

Elwenil4196d ago

Why would no one in Europe join Valor? Valor is British also.

pixelsword4196d ago

but moment to moment status can be found here:

DJ4196d ago

I'm in Raven, so that makes me feel better. =P

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saint_john_paul_ii4196d ago

i think we can all agree here that this game is a solid 8, especially since its an online only game, like Warhawk. man i still remember the Warhawk days, such an awesome game. **tears***

nix4196d ago

ah.. warhawk. fond memories.

flying around was so much fun. sadly you die too unless you're an red baron. q:

great game. too bad i don't have time or energy for online games right now.

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