IGN previews Jackass: The Game, first trailer included

Players will be able to take control of their favorite cast members as they participate in more than 30 insane stunts, pranks and indecent situations. For example, players can shoot Johnny with a paintball gun, race down steep San Francisco streets on shopping carts or traverse an hazardous obstacle course on a unicycle. While successfully completing a stunt is great, failing that stunt is even better.

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TnS4192d ago

This was submitted earlier today, but failed due to bad editing so I submited again.

PSTripleOG4192d ago

What is the point of this game?? The movie and tv series was great. But the game could well turn out to be the biggest pile of **** ever.

Hydrolex4192d ago

I couldnt expect this graphic

Close_Second4192d ago

...What would you find beneath the fingernail fragments, scratchmarks and blood on the bottom of the barrel.

And I thought Manhunt 2 was sinking to new lows of gaming...

sumfood4u4192d ago

This game seems pointless, since jackass mean reality damaging yourself. you could do crazy stuff like this in any GTA game, an WWE game! Only true fans will buy this crap i bet in one week it will go from $49.99- $19.99 like so many other games!

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