OXM: Dust 514 Preview

It's kind of a weird concept: a console game that ties directly into the events, happenings, and universal mythos of an ongoing massively multiplayer RPG for PC. But that's exactly what the upcoming massively multiplayer online FPS Dust 514 does. For those of you who like to do a little extracurricular mouse-and-keyboarding outside of your 360 jockeying, the name EVE Online might just ring a bell, and this genre-hopping spin attempts the grand experiment of tapping into the same vein. Well, sort of.

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Rob Hornecker3404d ago

I think the xbox could use a game like this! It seems to me to be a cross of Battlefield meets Halo 3 than a star wars title. The questions I have are the cost of playing it ( will it be a subscription like champions online/warcraft ) and of cousre lag issues on 360.

This looks like a cool game and hope they can overcome the current issues and get this game out. Now we need someone to come up with a MMO modern warfare style of game.