Game Informer: Halo Reach: Noble Team Profile #3

Game Informer writes: "Our in-depth look at the new Spartans continues with the squad's only female.

Reach is one of humanity's military strong points, a bastion against attack, and a rich source for mining and other supplies to fuel the war effort against the Covenant. It's also a home base for many of the Spartans. The Spartan IIIs of Noble Team begin the game thinking that human insurrectionists are invading the planet – Kat is second-in-command of that team when they find out just how wrong they are."

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Another One3403d ago

Her artificial arm is pretty sweet. She also seems to be the tech specialist of the group.

I love all the information coming out of Bnet and GI right now. So much good stuff. I can't wait for the beta.