Atlus Releases Shiren The Wanderer Video Walkthrough

With only a few weeks left until Shiren the Wanderer's official release in Japan, Atlus has released a new video walkthrough which gives players a overview of the game's storyline, characters, and improvements over previous titles in the series.

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mephman3402d ago

Looks like it could be a decent game.

ShawnCollier3402d ago

The gameplay changes seem like it might get in non-hardcore players this time.

Obama3401d ago

Altus games always have a charm.

sashimi3401d ago

looks good, if i have time i should borrow my buddy's wii for this.

wanderofys3401d ago

I wonder if "Like any good RPG" when talking about towns was a shot at FFXIII?

Anyway, looking forward to it.