Rumor: Twisted Trailer Coming for Jaffe's Next Game

Eat Sleep Play, a small, independent games company spearheaded by the infamous developer and God of War creator David Jaffe, has been teasing its second game, out of a three game exclusive deal with Sony, for some time. Although it is heavily rumored to be a Twisted Metal game, very little has actually been announced about the title, despite Jaffe's talkative reputation. However, this may all be set to change, as, according to a tweet from Eat Sleep Play's official twitter page, an exciting new video about the game is set to be released…

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doctorstrange3280d ago

Even if it is a really short teaser, I want it now

ChineseDemocracy3280d ago

I have a Sweet Tooth for Jaffe's games.

doctorstrange3280d ago

I really hope its a new TW just for more Twisted puns, I love em

PoSTedUP3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

i hope it is really badass, like motorstorm. real technical with a lot of debris and parts flying everywhere with awesome explosions. that is what i am expecting.

GVON3280d ago

I'd actually like a TM game,not played a car combat game since Viligante 8 on N64,sort of feel the urge.

Digitaldude3280d ago

Just to know its coming...

bruddahmanmatt3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Shame on you Sony...for putting out so many quality games that gamers won't have time to keep up. MAG, Heavy Rain, GT5, Resistance 3, ModNation Racers, The Last Guardian, GOW3, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3/4 and not to mention an assload of awesome multiplats and now...Twisted Metal. Fak, so many good games.

If it is in fact a new Twisted Metal this will be an automatic buy. It seems like vehicular combat games dropped off the face of the Earth ever since TM: Black. I've had a hungering for wheels and guns ever since. The jump to HD will only make it THAT much sweeter.

Blaze9293280d ago

soooooooooo...where is Twisted Metal even mentioned?

sikbeta3280d ago

TM PS3 + Damage ala GT5 = EPIC

Microsoft Xbox 3603280d ago

Sev is pulling a HHG on us. Got my hopes up till I read the real tweet.

MmaFanQc3280d ago

i want it in my veins

ps3+twisted metal+psn=fun

Sanzee3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I live in downtown Salt Lake City. Eat, Sleep, Play is just off of 400N. about 3 blocks west from the Delta Center (where the Utah Jazz play). When I was walking by I looked in and saw the receptionist talking to one of the employees. He was holding a clipboard and he had a Twisted Metal shirt on. Me and my girlfriend walked inside and asked them what the place was (though we already knew). They told us that they were an independant game developer and I asked them if they were working on any new games. The guy smiled, pointed at his shirt and walked away.

baum3280d ago

I hope it's not just Full Auto with better graphics, I want a fun and innovative game.

vhero3280d ago

Love Twisted Metal games shame 4 was really bad and that crappy spinoff game however 2 was one of my fave games of all time :)

Hanif-8763280d ago

Twisted Metal Black was one of the best games on the PS2, i really hope that this new game delivers. Also i have a very strong feeling that David will be in the spot light again with this new PS3 title. The guy is a fuucking genius when it comes to games :-)

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LordMarius3280d ago

At least we are getting close to confirmation
I will buy this game in a heartbeat

doctorstrange3280d ago

I have money tucked away, just for this game

T3mpr1x3280d ago

I'm kind of hoping for a new Twisted Metal game, but then again I'd like to see a new IP that fares better than Calling All Cars...

doctorstrange3280d ago

Either would make me happy

i_am_interested3280d ago

how does that quote have anything to do with twisted metal? or even the word twisted

Sev3280d ago

Its a headline. It doesn't say Twisted Metal trailer. It says Twisted Trailer...

ThePlaystation3guy3280d ago

David commented late last year that his name game would be revealed around the Jan/Feb. time-frame...YES!!!

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