IGN: Best Videogames of the Decade: year 2002

IGN's Top 10 Videogames of 2002.

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Bill Cosby3282d ago

kingdom hearts... good times, good times...

Darkstorn3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

This list wasn't as good as the 2001 one from yesterday, if only because of the lack of Jet Set Radio Future!!!

Oh, and MORROWIND. This list is blasphemy without the best game in the Elder Scrolls series.

OhMyGandhi3282d ago

Metroid Prime.
Serious gaming gold.

I love when developers take big risks like that, even though they usually don't end well, Metroid Prime is simply one of the best games I've played.

Loved the tight controls, amazing graphics, spectacular music, and overall a damned good game.
You can't forgot the awesome title screen too...

goflyakite3282d ago

Wow, just looking at games from 10 years ago, it amazes me the HUGE leap in the technical aspect.

Imagine another 10 years from now.

Rock Bottom3282d ago

This list also lacks ICO.

Aclay3282d ago

@Rock Bottom,

ICO was on the 2001 list

Rock Bottom3282d ago

What?! If I remember correctly, only the Japanese version came out in 2001, cause I remember playing the Japanese version, but never got to read any English reviews until 2002...

Just checked, na version was in 2001. :(

FiftyFourPointTwo3282d ago

Kingdom Hearts FTW!

Now, Nomura, all you have to this gen is make a next-gen console KH game and fans will be happy.

y0haN3282d ago

Good times with Battlefield 1942 here.. at the 15 fps my computer could run it at.

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PshycoNinja3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Was the first game I bought for my PS2. At first I thought FF + Disney would never work, then I played the game on a friends PS2. The next day I bought a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts. Best RPG last gen imho.

Edit: Best RPG last gen with the exception of Kingdom Hearts 2. The sequel surpassed the first in every way.

@MJ: I'm playing the game right now. The reaction command system is hard to master. And some of the reaction commands for some of the enemies aren't very effective so you have to pick and chose when the reaction command is most effective. I think it put a little more strategy and new elements into the game. Some of the boss battles in KH2 just wouldn't have been that epic without the reaction command.

Michael-Jackson3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Yeah It kinda did but Kingdom Hearts 1 had more platforming elements from what I remember and Kingdom Hearts 2 combat changed to triangle happy button masher - which was a let down and felt more linear than KH1, imo.

You are right in some way but it felt gimmicky as its only on certain enemies and different animation, to be honest I haven't touched KH2 for 2+ years so this is only based on memory.

TooTall193282d ago

It's called Dark Cloud 2 and that's my personal favorite RPG

badz1493282d ago

agreed dude! push triangle button mash in the KH2 killed it for me! I finished KH around 4 times but never once finished KH2 although my PS2 stopped reading disc at the time also contributed to this but I've never been bothered! I prefer combat system like the 1st but with some new moves but no, they went with GoW-style finishing moves which is highly unnecessary IMO! in the 1st KH, I felt so satisfied when finishing a battle but the 2nd? not so much. I might give KH2 another try though but if and only if KH3 is coming!

hihosilver3282d ago

im pretty sure NOMURA will announce KH3 E3

PshycoNinja3282d ago

but chances are he isn't going to do that. Chances are he's going to talk more about Final Fantasy Versus XIII at this years E3.

Michael-Jackson3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Versus is more likely to get attention this year since it has been in development for years and XIII has been released then.

Drakes_Fortune3282d ago

FFX wasnt on 2000, 2001, i tought it would be on 2002 list. But no. Come on, not even on the top 10?

Anyway i miss KH :( one of my favorite games of all time. We need a KH3.

SpaceFox3282d ago

Yeah, I thought it may be in the 2002 list since it also came out in 2002 in some parts of the world, and since it was no where to be found on the 2001 list.

But... no. Are you kidding me IGN? No FFX? It's easily my favorite game of all time, I can't believe it didn't make the top 10. No game had ever really gotten me into the story and feel so attached to the characters. Plus, the graphics and CGI were amazing for that time, and the gameplay was phenomenal. Hell, the CGI for FFX can easily compare to the graphics of some of the best games of today, it just looked amazing.

Guitarded3282d ago

No game, period, has ever made me feel involved in the story or made me feel attached to the characters in any way. Movies and TV, yes. Games, no.

I believe part of the problem with games as a story telling medium is that the story gets drawn out too long, due to gameplay, to keep most peoples attention long enough to tell it effectively. Gameplay takes focus away from the story and puts it on how to get to the next part of the story. Ironic.

Umbrella Corp3280d ago

Only game to make me cry :)

bjornbear3282d ago

Metroid Prime was my 1st (and so far last) metroid game but i was blown away

Splinter Cell and Battlefield 1942 FTW and a sprinkle of Vice City (major understatement) for extra FRESHHH!

Guitarded3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago ) played Splinter cell on PC. Since I doubt you had an Xbox and it looked absolutely awful on PS2, the least powerful and most failure prone console of last generation. Luckily it had the games though. Otherwise it would have been a total failure like the PS3. At least the PS3 is somewhat reliable hardware wise anyway.

EDIT: Not sure what my intention was with this post. Perhaps I just had to poke the bear. Pun intended!

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