It's Official: Manhunt 2 Rated Adults Only by ESRB

Take-Two has informed GamePolitics that the ESRB has rated Manhunt 2 "Adults Only."

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kingofps34232d ago

"The ESRB has issued an (((initial))) rating of AO (Adults Only) for Manhunt 2." Does that mean it is not official yet? I certainly hope so. I really hope things dont get any worse for Take-Two.

I bet Jack Thompson is happy as hell today.

toughluck4232d ago

"Initial" means that, because the game is unreleased, Rockstar has the chance to edit the game and resubmit it for rating - but I think that the chance that Rockstar would change their game to get an M rating is slim.

emptiness4232d ago

i'm sure more than Jack Thompson is happy...i'm guessing lots of concerned individuals (parents especially) are happy as well. if not happy then at least content with the rating...

the rating system may suck but at least the ESRB understand "free market"

skynidas4232d ago

who cares that it have an Adults Only rating i am 16 and i am going to do anything to buy that game, for the ps2 of course, wii sucks!! HAHAHAHA

tonsoffun4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

You see, this is the reason that guys like Thompson can stand on thier soapbox and try to preach about, to be quite honest, games that are blatantly unsuitable for minors should not be banned - there just has to be greater control on them.

While I am definately against a ban on any kind of freedom of expression - especially as you are not actualy killing anyone, but merely playing a role in a game. It does seem to me that certain games, only certain games mind should not be allowed to be purchased by minors.

And anothet thing - evidently, the Wii version seems to be the better verion than the ps2 game - for once.

pwnsause4232d ago

well if your using the wiimote as a weapon in the game, like using an axe for example, of course its going to be the superior version, if you think about it, it should be rated AO. Its the first time EVER i ever seen a game thats rated AO. If you played the first game, you know how crazy it is.

cdawson4232d ago

This is exactly why games like this should be banned outright, when a 16 year old kid is getting this excited and vowing to 'anything' to get the game.

I am all for freedom of speech and expression, but there is a point where we need to draw the line. Some people out there, even some of those old enough to purchase the game at an AO rating are simply not mentally able to play games like Manhunt and separate it from reality.

M_Prime4232d ago

in response to 3.3

IF they can't distinguish from virtual world and reality when it comes to video games then i'm terrified thinking who has a licence out there.. cause maybe they wouldn't be able to tell if they are driving a real car or playing Forza 2.. and that terrifies me...

c'mon.. hes 16 and lets face it.. kids can get their hands on everything these days.. guns, drugs and the most evil of them all.. AO VIDEO GAMES!

Legionaire20054232d ago

The Wii makes the game more interesting with cleaner graphics than that jaggish system you call PS2. I don't know about you but I am buying Manhunt 2 for the Wii on!!!

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MK_Red4232d ago

1.HOLY SH**.
2.I hope they dont cut the game to get M rating.

Covenant4232d ago

Cutting it may be only way to save sales.

Not only does Wal-Mart not carry AO games, neither will Best Buy (nor a lot of other retailers).

MK_Red4232d ago

True but I hope they dont.
They can do what movies have done for years, release two versions:
1.Manhunt 2 rated M (Cut)
2.Manhunt 2 Unrated Directors Cut / Rated AO (Uncut)

warfed4232d ago

Even I could edit a movie taking out nudity n sh!t... but editing a game is a lot harder... a lot of programing that's like making the game for an extra console... think about it...

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