Bonus Round 401 Part 3: God of War III & Bad Company 2

Part 3 of Bonus Round 401 discusses GoW3, Gears 3, Mass Effect 2 and Bad Company 2.

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KILLERAPP3402d ago

Am watching part 2, seams that the middle guy doesn't even give heavy rain a chance, it seams he only likes FPS, this is why innovation in this industry is so hard to find because of people like him, just look how mad the other guy got when he said that it was funny he punches his hand.

Unicron3402d ago

It's funny that these people are the first to also cry when a lack of innovation plagues the industry.

Darkeyes3402d ago

Well in their defense, they are speaking in terms of number of copies the game will sell. I have no doubts GOW3 will be the biggest game atleast in the first quarter. HR will get critical acclaim, but I don't see it selling anywhere near GOW3 sales..

jetlian3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

isn't innovative. just like indigo. which is like alot of cd-i games as in an interactive movie with multiple paths

bad company will be the biggest seller in the 1st qtr

FamilyGuy3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

It's a niche game, you can't expect everyone to like it or expect much of it.

Bad company will be the biggest seller Q1 with FF13 and GOW3 trailing second and third

Quality wise, I expect GOW3 and Mass Effect to have the highest ratings but anything can happen in reviews and BC2 may jump in there too.

In any case, this seems to be one of the best looking gaming years in a loooooong time. I wish all ambitious titles the best, hopefully they don't all eat too much into each others sales.

jmd7493402d ago

the kotaku guy is a pillock. a bitter, emo, depressing, loser fanboy. people like him are the scum of the industry and the reason for all this undue hatred, he's the type of cancer that's currently killing gaming passion.

he should just be ignored till he leaves the industry all together, and should go work for fox news, where he'll be able to work with his kind. you can clearly see from that video the passion the others had for games, and then there's him, mr emo. no wonder kotaku has such a bad reputation.

gaffyh3402d ago

Michael McWhertor is such a twat, how can he not be excited for any game. This video alone gets me excited for GOW3 :D:

Lifendz3402d ago

Michael Patcher needs to realize there is a world outside of the U.S. that buys PS3 games in droves. WHat's going on with U.S. PS3 owners? I don't know. He's right, we don't buy games like our 360 counterparts. I'm sure the guys on here and other forums are picking up these games but why they still don't have that big attach rate is a mystery to me. To return to my point, it's not like Heavy Rain is a charity case. It'll do well overseas and probably so so over here. Uncharted 2 only "struggled" to hit a mill in it's first month because it came out close to the end of the month. After the first full month of sales I believe it had hit a million. Should it have done a million plus first day? I think so. But over time it'll do those numbers and then some.

The God of War 3 convo was why I think some gaming "journalists" are too full of themsleves and have played so many games that they're just uber cynical on games. We all love Innovation. That's great. But to just be so meh on God of War because it's not "innovative" is crazy to me. I'm not saying the Michael McWerter guy was a fanboy. I can totally understand being more hyped for a game like Mass Effect 2 than God of War 3. My favorite genre is the RPG genre so I can't hate on him for that. But during the God of War segment did he have to try and convince us all how much of a reviewer he is by poo poo'ing the game for lack of innovation?

pain777pas3401d ago

The guy in the green plaid is just so confused. He has no real opinion on what makes a game great. I would love to hear what his criteria is and see if it matches the games that he likes. Based on what he says it boils down to "whatever is on 360 or better on 360 I like, I don't like PS3 games". His comments on Heavy Rain were just moronic last episode and I'm looking forward to new experiences. Mass Effect 2 will be purchased. I loved the 1st game despite its shortcomings. I really would love to see his criteria for a good game and go through his gaming library and show that he's a MS mark and not a honest gamer let alone journalist. Good contrast of opinion but he hurts the industry if people take his opinion seriously.

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Seastriker3402d ago

Machwauter w/e his name is the guy from kotaku, is a douche and a 360 fanboy. You can soo tell...

jetlian3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

but geoff is a playstation fanboy. All he ever does is say what about playstation in like every episode

FamilyGuy3402d ago

He only says that to be/seem objective. He's 360 all the way.

xabmol3402d ago

To show everyone what a bias fanboy Michael McWhertor (The Senior Editor of Kotaku) really is.

It's so obvious everyone else there is just teasing him about it. xD

And his wording! He says, "No games like GoW3 on the console" while referring to the PS3 witch has EVERY SINGLE game remotely like GoW that the 360 (and PC?) have. LOL! What is he trying to say here?!

offwhiteazn3402d ago

what are YOU trying to say?

Megaton3402d ago

They use way too many bawlsuckas from Kotaku on Bonus Round. That dude and Crescente have been on so many times. Freakin' Pachter too. BR is so fail.

EpicBattleCry is the best podcast at GT, by miles.

xabmol3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Seastriker sums it up nicely. :)

EDIT: @Xiphos

My Brethren of Baffonerry!! HA! HA!! How art thou?!

pain777pas3401d ago

Keighly is not a PS fanboy. That's the thing. How can you not be excited for Mass Effect 2 as a gamer? How can you not be going crazy for God of War 3? How can we not want to try Heavy Rain? If you didn't get on the MW2 train you would be wise to check out BC2 cause the characters in single player are kinda cool. Seriously, my most anticipated games are lamely SSF4 (I hate how much I love street fighter) and modnation racers because I know I will fall in love with how fun that game is going to be. I just don't get it. Love games. Halo reach may be a good graphic rehash but, so what. Bungie makes good games that play so well. I mean why do we hate so much when there are so many games to love and we should reward more of the labour of love titles like UC2 and ME2 so that the industry knows what we think a quality game is.

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GamerPS3603402d ago

that kotako guy should not be in gaming division period. He doesn't even like games.

pippoppow3402d ago

excpet if it's on the 360. He rarely says anything positive about the PS3 and if he does it's followed by a but or a pro 360 comment. Kataku are a joke and this guy is one of the reasons. Just look at his body language and history of PS3 negative comments. Bonusr Round needs better informed guests who aren't so bias.

TOO PAWNED3402d ago

Yes his body language was hilarious when Geoff called him 360 fanboy, he took him by surprise so he got lost and began twitching and turning, haha ending with classic "...yeah i love my 360, but there is some great content on PS3..." hahha maybe i should edit that part and post it on youtube just for laughs!
All of them looked at him like he was retard kid or something.
Garnett is great as always, he gets games, he loves them regardless of platform. Hes excited for ME2, NMheros 2, HR, GOW3, etc. Guys like him need to be more often on show, not pachter or Sh!ttaku guys.

jalen2473402d ago

Michael McWhertor is obviously a 360 fanboy. He made that perfectly clear in this episode and that is why the other guys called him out.

I don't care if he likes Demon Souls and Uncharted 2, it doesn't mean he doesn't like to kiss his 360 goodnight every night before bed.

Udidntlistenpunk3401d ago

There were two 360 fanboys in that show (not counting Pachter who is a 360 fanboy aswell but he acted reasonably objective in this show).

Two 360 fanboys who didnt like God of war what a surprise.

Mass effect 2 lol. That game cant hold a candle on Kratos.