GameTrailers: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Review

Capcom's all-stars square off against some of Japan's biggest anime icons, but is it worth tuning in?

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Bnet3433401d ago

Damn good score. Congrats Wii owners.

Method3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Yeah it definitely deserves the score. I don't own a Wii myself yet, but I was playing it at a launch party yesterday and had a blast. WAYYYYYYY better than Brawl even if that isn't saying much.

Brasi823401d ago

I had this game pre-ordered as a huge Street Fighter fan and just wow this blows me away. By far way more fun that Street Fighter 4 and new characters (for me anyway) add all to the charm. What I love the most is that every character is plays different, everyone has there own unique skill sets and hyper combos to boot. Man ol' man people who don't have a Wii anymore will be pretty sad this year with some huge releases coming. With Tatsunoko v.s. Capcom, No More Heroes 2, Red Steel 2, Monster Hunter Tri, and everyone's favorite Nintendo Trio (Mario, Link, and Samus) this is going to be one kick ass year for the Wii owner. The only problem I'm having is scrapping up the cash to purchase these babies.

fatstarr3401d ago

i just picked up both last night and so far im at a battle with my self to see which one i should play more :D.

NiteX3401d ago

I'm enjoying it a good bit to. Just don't care for the giant fighters.