Siliconera: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Review

Jenni @ Siliconera: "While the story isn't exactly perfect, and there are definite issues in terms of loading and some commands, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is still a great entry in the series. I enjoyed it more than Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It's absolutely gorgeous, expands the origins of concepts and characters in the series and offers some unexpected multiplayer options. Once it receives its worldwide release, it'll undoubtedly be a system seller."

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Xandet3185d ago

Already is. I bought my PSP for mainly for BBS.. not to mention Peace Walker, Crisis Core, , Dissidia, CoO, among a few others. And people say the PSP has no good games.. psh.

hihosilver3184d ago

Who cares? its KH, i want it now! & wheres my KH3 NOMURA huh WHERE

3184d ago