Yakuza 3 Premium Edition confirmed for PlayStation 3

Mighty Ape writes: "The local Sega distributor has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 exclusive action-adventure game Yakuza 3 will be available in a special Premium Edition when it releases on March 26th."

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darthv723401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

yakuza is great. Now it's time to work on shenmue 3!

@cry...I'd settle for that.

CryWolf3401d ago

Why don't Sega just make a Shenmue collection with voice acting and remake Shenmue 1 & 2 with better graphics thats even more better.

CryWolf3401d ago

Yea Yakuza is PS3 exclusives only game so the bots lost another Multiplatform game.

ThanatosDMC3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Hmmm... this is weird. I'm positive there was not a premium version in japan and DLCs were free. I say dont buy this rip off unless you want a hard copy of the soundtrack which you can google for free since it's actually FREE.

Also, dont fall for that Gamestop BS when the DLC is suppose to be free to update the game.

Redempteur3401d ago

exactly ...i hope we won't get charged for these dlcs ...

yes free dlc exists ! well it can happen

Viper73401d ago

sounds good, hopefully its not too expensive as there are loads of good games being released withing next 2 months. I prefer getting more games instead of CE's. But if its extra 10€/£/$ ill think about it

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