8 Things That Suck About the iPad

Gizmodo's Adam Frucci writes "My god, am I underwhelmed by the iPad. This is as inessential a product as I've ever seen, but beyond that, it has some absolutely backbreaking failures that will make me judge anyone who buys one."

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Lich1203187d ago

Well, it does seem like a pretty big piece of crap. But maybe that's just my opinion. Mine, and maybe a couple of guys over at Gizmodo.

captain-obvious3187d ago

TBH i dont know any thing about it
and i really dont care
to me its a HUGE iphone

im i right ?

dirthurts3187d ago

It's like an iPhone, that doesn't fit in your pocket anymore! Lovin that right? I hate carrying things around in my pockets. Now I can buy a backpack, or a purse!
It's awesome. It's almost as useful as a netbook, but with no usb, no mouse support, AND it cost MORE! And there is NO keyboard! No flash either! So I can pay for all those games instead of play them free.
I'm glad they keep out that multitasking mumbo jumbo too. That's too efficient. I hate listening to slacker radio while I browse. Too entertaining for my tastes.

thewhoopimen3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Before you guys all get wrung up in your lederhosen, let's think about what everyone here is saying for second.

I still remember when the first iPod's were released... people were like, "Why would I want to commit to some proprietary music player that doesn't have any integrated memory slot and no radio or recording functions? I can download music for free online or from other stores. Why would I want to buy from an Apple iTunes store? The Rio Nomad is so much better, I'm not stuck with one hard drive. Ipod's suck lol."

Hopefully now that your head is clear, lets think about the developer SDK that was released with this iPad and why it doesn't just use the iPhone SDK. Let's also all try to remember that even though it looks like an iPhone or an iPod touch... it is neither. It is also no e-reader, netbook or notebook. Therefore drawing conclusions from any at the moment, is rather infantile at best. One might also note the failures currently of tablet systems in the general market. The old tablet PC were clearly able to do everything each of the previous devices could do etc, but why did they not sell? Surely Apple is stupid to jump into this dying niche? And yet why is EVERYONE IN THE INDUSTRY watching how this product plays out?

Finally your initial conclusions aren't anything new. So stop acting like you know anything abut this product or its serviceable niche. Steve Jobs himself famously said [paraphrased], "Short of net surfing on the crapper, what would i need this [tablet] for?" Back then, he saw no reason why anyone would need a tablet system. This was like 3-5 years ago.

Guess what? Apple's probably discovered a niche. The fact that we can't think of what... is what Apple is hoping to make millions or billions on. Instead of being a naysayer shooting of your mouth and potentially blowing off your foot, why not think about it? Yeah outside of that "box" you live in? It might help you make your first million when the iPad store opens.

mastiffchild3187d ago

Well, I don't know if people saying it's got no point to them shows them to be idiots, not really anyway, I mean I'm still confused by why people want an iPhone and even more ovcer why they would want an iPod touch and I've had one of each myself!

Seriously, I've bought a ton of apps and games for my iPhone and haven't ever played with anything for more than an hopur or two in total and just glaze over when people say they prefer theirs to a DS or PSP so why anyone would desire this when, as far as I can see, a decent small lappy or netbook is better for just about every purpose I can imagine-including surfing on the crapper as a keyboard is a million times more useful than a touchscreen in that situation AND you'd have Flash support anyway.

Maybe I'm even more stupid for not understanding(or agreeing )with why people say their iPhones are so great so would never get why this iPad was something I'd want. Anyway, twice bitten and thrice shy for me and unless there's something better than playing games with controls that obscure the screen and have zero tactile feedback then I doubt I'll be jumping on board this time round. I like Apple designs and usually had a Mac for a long time but, really, the craze behind all this has passed me by even though I purposely tried to see if I was missing out. The iPhone wasn't , or hasn't been, a great phone for me either and I've ended up back with my Samsung in anycase.

Though I don't "get" the iPhone at all I can accept that others do but, to me, it's a struggle to see what having a bigger screen offers and there's very little difference apart from that from all I've read about this. As it's also dearer for what it is than a comparably sized screen laptop I see this one being more of a struggle for Apple as, though I think it's stylish, it isn't portable and isn't replacing one or two possible devices as the iPhone could claim to. Maybe people will find that, this time, Aplle got it wrong, who knows? Thing is they aren't always right even if they have jhad an amazing run since starting the iPod revolution and iTunes.

The place I CAN see it being useful is either on holiday or on car journeys for the kids to pass around as a decent alternative(and more portable)one than taking a home console with you and would leave the laptop free for mum and dad. It's a stretch even then but the bigger screen than an iPhone does give it a better chance if people are playing a "pass the pad" style game. Seriously, I've tried to imagine why and where thios would be a better bet than anything we alredy have and none of the answers I found were worth the price tag it has.

Hell, if I'm wrong then fair play to Apple and enjoy your billions fellas but just because they were right the last few times doesn't automatically make any criticism of them incorrect as a matter of course.

thewhoopimen3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I was bit miffed reading some of the more puerile posts earlier, since it seemed everyone just took turns stating the obvious. But I've recanted my fouler assessments since. Truth be told I don't even own an iPhone. I don't need the features, but not only that, I want a very small phone strictly for calling so I don't have a bulky lump in my pocket. I don't want to watch movies on a phone (more for teen mindset) and drain my battery for calls that I do need.

Perhaps that makes me a potential iPad user. Most notebook applications I use are strictly MS office related. I like writing down notes as much as I like typing and sometimes when I need to note something quick, waiting for a notebook/netbook to come out of sleep ... sucks. I like the idea of working just off one machine when taking a call while in the middle of an email or chat .

WhittO3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Its a big Ipod Touch - since the iphone can actually do things the pad cant (E.g Camera, make calls etc).

I would buy this if it had a front facing cam built in for video calls, Flash for Web Browser, Multi-tasking for background apps etc and more ports for SD cards and maybe USB port.

It really does nothing more than what an Ipod Touch can do, with a bigger screen and some new apps (Calander? - not worth hundreds of $ for the upgrade!)

Edit: O, and obv the flash thing isnt because of resource drain, since their Macs seem to handle it ok with great Batt life, but then again, they arent getting $ from Macs using the App store, only the ipods/iphones (which funny enough are the only ones that "cant" use Flash?)

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Letros3187d ago


Stop trying to shove quicktime down my throat, its garbage.

feelintheflow3187d ago

It would be nice, and at some point if it doesn't sell, they can add support, they would have to come to agreement with adobe of course. Many of the complaints are valid. I will still be getting one. First, I am a gadget geek and have to have the newest stuff. It is not going to replace a netbook for me, because I don't want a net book. I like how I can take it with me, and watch movies, surf the web, check email, play games, and I can still listen to my ipod music and surf the web, so it kinda can multi task. It is not everything it was hyped to be that is for sure. But what would people have said if it had, 2 cameras like we thought, and some other bells and whistles and they sold it starting at 1k bucks, people would have complained. So there is no making everyone happy, and I am sure it will only appeal to the guys like me that just have to have every gadget no matter what it is. Just my 2 cents.

Letros3187d ago

You're like me with PC hardware always looking for something new to stick in that case, hehe.

Asus and MSI are not waiting for this to be successful before making an alternative, they are doing it now, due to Apple product track record. the Asus version sounds very good. These tablets are just something I would not ever need or use.

DelbertGrady3187d ago

"No Multitasking
This is a backbreaker. If this is supposed to be a replacement for netbooks, how can it possibly not have multitasking? Are you saying I can't listen to Pandora while writing a document? I can't have my Twitter app open at the same time as my browser? I can't have AIM open at the same time as my email? Are you kidding me? This alone guarantees that I will not buy this product."

That made me lose my interest.

Alcon Caper3187d ago

why are you posting in the open zone? this comment is more coherent then anything int he gamer zone right now anyway

Lich1203187d ago

alcon is right, I just posted in the gamer zone calling it a piece of crap. So, if that slides, Im pretty sure you're good to go.

DelbertGrady3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I got banned for 14 days for using the word 'douchebag'. Someone was trolling like crazy and I wrote something like "stop being a douchebag and stay on topic".

@Lich120 - I don't think calling it a piece of crap is offensive. It's just your opinion of it. Just don't call it a "douchebag" and you'll be fine lol.

Alcon Caper3186d ago

well, looking forward to having you back in the gamer zone. you're one of the good guys. bubble for ya

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Double Toasted3187d ago

I don't have one...yet. That price point is kind of sweet, I thought it would have been $1000, which would have made my prior WTF comments valid.

WhittO3187d ago

The only thing ok is the price, and i like the "pay as you go" 3G, nice touch.
I think the next version of the iPad will be a MASSIVE improvement and give us all what we actually want, so im waiting on that...

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