Interstellar Marines Demo Now Available

Jeffery of RoboAwesome gives his impressions of the now released demo for Interstellar Marines: Bullseye - a browser based FPS developed by Zero Point Software and built on the Unity engine.

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Moduserous3189d ago

Indeed it is good sir. RoboAwesome-ness.

presto7173188d ago

I saw a dev diary of it once and the developers seemed very passionate about it. I think they even turned down cash when some publisher wanted them to turn the game into something else in exchange for funding.

Plus I love the shark head monster enemy thing...

DeadlyFire3188d ago

According to what I read it was planned for PC, PS3, and X360 release. Right now though it looks like its going to be PC only. I think Bullseye browser based thing and the next two slices as they say are just going to be browser based demos of what we can expect from the full game to come at some point later. Its great either way. Only developer so far to utilize browser as a demo platform. I think its very smart thing to do. The full game I believe is to be called Interstellar Marines: First Contact. Still unknown release, but it is what is on their list at the end of their timeline.

http://www.interstellarmari... << Look at the end of the timeline. Plus they plan for this to be a trilogy I believe. So more will come after that as well.

Justiful3189d ago

Looks a lot like starship troopers. I hope it has multiplayer though.

TheIneffableBob3188d ago

Wow. Can't believe this is a browser game. The graphics are great.

Gran Touring3188d ago

wow i thought this game fell off the planet; I knew it back when it was just called Project IM. but it definitely is looking good, especially considering its browser game.

Desert Turtle3188d ago

The only browser based FPS I've played is Quake Live. This definitely looks nifty.

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