Uncharted 2 Title Update Arrives Today

From Terminal Gamer:

Title Update 1.04 Fixes "Error Syncing Player Data" Issue

January 27, 2010 - A significant number of Uncharted 2 players ran into an error which would prevent them from being able to play Uncharted 2 online. Today, Naughty Dog released "Title Update 1.04?, which fixes the "error syncing player data" problem that prevented certain players from being able to connect to the multiplayer portion of the game, winner of our "Game of the Year Award".

The fix required Naughty Dog to roll back the accounts of those affected by the error to Level 1.

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Pennywise3404d ago

Wow... drastic option, but its about time they did something. I am glad I am nor affected!!! 49 levels is too much to lose.

GreenRingOfLife3404d ago

Its good to know that Naughty Dog is fixing the problems in this game with patches.

Mr Tretton3403d ago

suck this 'stealth' troll of all his bubbles plz. (and give ME bubbles ffs)

Cregan45843404d ago

I wasn't affected, but I did not see a "sorry" to those who were. It's a fine line if they owe an apology, but I believe they do. For one, it's something you bought. Two, your work hard to level up (some people were level 60) and it all gets wiped away.

As I said on the ND website, I saw pictures of MP being QA tested and most of the people in it had level 60. I can't believe that ND cannot go in and adjust the stats to reflect what it says on ND's own website stats. Arne, the ND spokesman, says it would be unethical and unfair to change the stats to reflect what it is on the website. Honestly, that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Unethical and unfair is rolling hard work back to zero. If that's the case, whats the use of tracking stats with the website? This situation was handled very poorly.

himdeel3403d ago

...worse had they said we're rolling your level back to 1. While it's not fun to have the stats taken away it there was another option I'm sure they would've taken it. ND are class acts they just don't arbitrarily make decisions.

I'd be interested to know how many people this affected.

TerminalGamer3403d ago

If you guys read the article, it says that Naughty Dog did apologize and say that if there was any other way, they would do it. They spent weeks looking for a fix and this was the only way they could do it.

"They go on to say, “We understand that some of our players that were affected by this issue may find the solution less than ideal and we completely understand how you feel. If there was alternative that didn’t require rolling back the affected accounts, we would have implemented that in a second.'"

Shmotz3403d ago

I was at level 32 when I got the error but truth be told I'm just happy I can play now!

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