Top 5 Upcoming Playstation 3 JRPGs in 2010

After a long drought, an abundance of Japanese role-playing games will be heading to the Playstation 3 in full force this year. So which upcoming JRPGs will be worth picking up?

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ClownBelt3188d ago

FF 13 - 100% + collector edition
Resonance of Fate - 100%
Star Ocean 4 - 50% I'm kind of on the fence about this.
White Knight Chronicles - 30% My friend will get it, but I hate the battle system of FF 12, and I think they're similar?
Last Rebellion - From NIS, so I have to check out the game play first
Ar Tonelico 3- If this gets release around Summer, I might get it.

Daver3188d ago

I hated FF12 too but i dont think its the same think, anyway im getting white knight chronicles

Bodyboarder_VGamer3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

After playing the Demo of Resonance of Fate I think that game's as full of fail as tri-ace themselves. I never liked the Star Ocean series except for the second on the PSX.

The other jrpg's are looking really bad too, from graphics to gameplay. And the only one that could have been good (FFXIII) was gimped and casualized.

I'll be buying WKC because of the online aspect, it looks interesting but the others aren't even trying to be at the same standards of the old PS2 jrpg's like the Persona series, Dragon Quest VIII, Grandia II, Shadow Hearts, Odin's Sphere, Suikoden, etc.

Compared to these new breed of crappy jrpgs even the Xenosaga series seems more interesting to play, seriously. In fact, now that I said it I think I'll start playing that. I have the 3 Xenosaga games and haven't played any of them ever and I just beat FFVIII and Xenogears this month.

ThanatosDMC3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Getting Star Ocean 4 after being addicted to Star Ocean 1 and 2 on the PSP. Heck, i even watch the lame crappy anime which didnt go with the game. It had more bewb scenes than anything game related.

SO2's Claude is a pedophile in the game. He's 20 and he wants an 8yr old looking girl named Rena who's actually from 600,000 yrs ago. Weird...

Anyway, im skipping WKC since it has a dated battle system. It looks crappier than FF12s. Star Ocean battle system is how it should be.

ClownBelt3188d ago

Valkyrie Profile games made by Tri Ace is in my top 5 best series ever. I love the battle system, and I have a lot of fate on Resonance of Fate. I know they will deliver it.

Rush3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Am getting FF13 for sure am a huge Final Fantasy fan/fanboy.

And most likely White Knight not because the game looks that good simply to play with my real life mates.

Also on the fence about Star Ocean 4 since I almost completed the 360 version depends on new content.

Resonance of Fate looks stunning to but I need more info before I make my mind up + its not coming any time soon I think.


Japanese Lang is always welcome, the 2 new characters well its good but it depends on how they handle it if there just threw at you or if they have there own story. New dungeons are always welcome but are they story related or just for the extremely hard core Star Ocean players. Anime portraits I couldn't careless.

Thanks for the info though but like I said before I invest money into the game again I need to know the new characters at least have a little story.

lonestarmt3188d ago

new content for SO4, two new characters, more dungeons, anime portraits and jap lang. track. Umm sounds like a great upgrade to me.

Tony P3188d ago

Just come out at the date set is all I ask.

I have very eclectic tastes these days so I get annoyed when the one or two games I want get pushed back by nearly a year (WKC, Alpha Protocol).

Iffy on FFXIII. I'm actually more used to jabbing at the development time than anticipating a good FF these days.

Saaking3188d ago

SO4 sucks. Played it yesterday on the 360 and unless there's some really amazing improvements and a complete redo of the dialouge (with different voice actors) it will still suck. Popped it in, played it for around 2 hours and that was it.

I know it's a jRPG and you should take longer, but dang! I couldn't take it. It's was terrible.

Rush3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Your entitled to your opinion but please stop yourself from trying to state that opinion as fact.

And it has the Japanese voice chat this time so the terrible voices are no longer an issue.

I thought the game was great not the best JRPG I have ever played but far far from the worst. You could do alot worse buying a JRPG then investing in Star Ocean 4.

A Cupcake for Gabe3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

The Renaissance of Fate demo was one giant pile of crap. I don't know how SO4 is, but I may get it. I am kind of detached from the JRPG scene. KOTOR was the first kick in the balls to the JP RPG world and for me showed how great a western RPG can be, but now with Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3, Borderlands, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Dragon Age, and more coming from the West, Japanese RPGs just can't handle anymore. I am on the brink of writing off JRPGs all together.

kaveti66163188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Are you mentally unstable?

At what point did Saaking say that it was a FACT that SO4 sucks?

I'm reading his comment over. He's just giving an opinion. Seriously, what is your problem?

Saaking3188d ago

Oh, I know man. I'm just saying from my personal experience with the game that it sucked. You're free to try it for yourself and form your own opinion.

ThanatosDMC3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Actually, the story of Star Ocean is terrible especially how the story progresses and you really dont care about the characters. It's the combat i like and got addicted to. Also, there's so many gaps in the plot that leaves you with "wtf? they didnt have an explanation why X and Y happened"

Archfiend thing in the first and then suddenly a superhuman who wants to destroy Earth because they lived in a harsh environment was retarded.

The second one makes me feel like a pedophile since the main character always seems to want to bone the little girl while there's a luscious chick hanging around his shoulder.

Also, there's not a clear hero in the game. The supposed protagonist is never actually the main focus. The focus is all over the place especially in the first Roddick (main) is a turd compared to Ronnyx J. Kenny (useless character).

sikbeta3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

1·WKC -> waited so damn long for this one

2·FF13 -> I going to judge by myself after reading everywhere about the "too linear" [email protected]

3·Atelier Rorona -> After years of waiting

4·Ar Tonelico 3 -> After watching a Trailer I'm all fo it

5·Probably SO4:TLH -> After years since the last one

In the Article, Number 2 is YAKUZA 3... is a JRPG? I never knew

Enate3188d ago

WKC battle system is nothing like FFXII's garbage stand around an do nothing battle system.

vhero3187d ago

Good list probably the first one posted on here I agree with. White knight I am looking forward to the most. Town building looks to be the feature I'm looking forward to most.

SaiyanFury3187d ago

Much to the dismay of people here, I'm a big Star Ocean fan. I loved Second Story on PS1, and I loved Till the End of Time as well. The combat system was hit or miss, but I loved the game. To this day it's one of my fave JRPGs. As well, I'm highly anticipating SO4 in two weeks.

Commander TK3187d ago

gonna buy FF13? Since the announcement at E3 2008, I knew it was gonna b gimped. The first thing that popped in my head was "boycott".

Ravage273187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

i'm getting WKC for sure, all my friends are getting it so we will be doing online quests together. And FF12 happens to be my 2nd favourite RPG, so this is a great combination.

As much as i like the Star Ocean series, i don't see myself paying full price for it. I expect the combat system to be top-notch but with a crappy story and weak character cast like its predecessors. However, the fact that its sub-HD and a former M$ exclusive pisses me off so this a wait-and-see.

FF13 deviated way too much from the tradition(and eliminated most of the things i love about the series) to be an instant-buy. This one is strictly a rental.

RoF demo didn't convince me one bit, and i need to know if there's depth in the combat system before deciding.

Both ArTonelico3 and Atelier Rorona have visual styles that appeals to me, but i'll decide when we get the release dates.

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robotnik3188d ago

Wow, so many games I don't know where to start! Can't say the same thing about the flopbox.

Ninji3188d ago

But that would be lying.

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-MD-3188d ago

I really need to see the differences between the 360 and PS3 version of FFXIII, I know for a fact I'm buying the game but like I said I need to see the pros and cons.

lonestarmt3188d ago

it's always smart to go with the lead platform for the game, which in FF13 case was FF13. I mean come on, one is at least three discs and the other on one. If you have a PS3 and 360, its a no brainer go with the ps3.

-MD-3188d ago

If the game plays/looks the same on both consoles I'm going with the 360, I don't care about switching discs once every 20 hours.

If the PS3 version is superior in terms of audio or graphics or whatever I'll go with that version.

vhero3187d ago

PS3 has superior audio as it has full lossless audio this has been confirmed. However as for graphics I can't say there has been a shortage of videos for 360 version which makes me think S-E leaving it late. I can't see there being too much of a difference though now PS3 version been dumbed down so they could port it. If you have both consoles PS3 is the way to go for the game though as the games engine was originally made for PS3 and ported to 360 so its probably gonna run better on PS3. However like I said we can't be sure until its released.

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