Nova, NFS: Shift And MLB Runs Slick On iPad

The iPad was announced a few moments ago and if one thing's clear is the fact that Apple plans to move full throttle in the gaming industry with its new gadget.

EA has been really excited about the new tech way before its unveiling and now we see screens of at least one of the publisher's games running on the device, plus Nova and

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3184d ago

it is to control these games.

Protip: Games are not slick if you can't control them properly. Nothing about the iPad indicates the controls would be any better than with a iPod Touch or iPhone.

respawnaction3184d ago

Even if he didn't, he never said he did.

movements3184d ago

It'll be interesting to see how iPad plays out in the industry.... You never know, it might surprise everybody...

movements3184d ago

Well, it would seem that's one of the functionalities apple created it for...

We'll see

Homer Simpson3183d ago

Yeah if you want to play card games, marble maze, and jewel matching games like the iPhone.

Chaos Striker3183d ago

Actually, I think a lot of developers will utilize the upgrades to create more interactive and interesting games. I can see this compete in the same space as the DS in relation to the casual gamer market.

Homer Simpson3183d ago

I dunno... They'd have to implement buttons on the screen to compete with DS plus no shoulder buttons on the iPad

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forcefullpower3183d ago

Dom Jolly is def going to have to take the piss out of this product.

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