Send Us Your Questions For XSeed

DualShockers writes: "I am writing this post for you, the readers of I will be making a visit to XSeed and I need your questions!Leave your questions in the comments section, and I will try to ask your questions in my interview with the good folks over at XSeed.If you don't know who XSeed is, they are the publishers that brought us Half Minute Hero, and they are releasing Lunar: Silver Star Harmony as well. XSeed is one of the few companies that work on getting games localized and into our hands here in North America.So once again, leave your questions in the comments section and I will make sure and try to get as many of them answered as I can."

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iiprotocolii3186d ago

Lunar: Silver Star Story is my fav. The game actually made me teary-eyed at the end. Alex was the man. But, as per Xseed, I'd have to see what kind of questions I can whip up.

Chadness3186d ago

I never played any of the Lunar games, but played the demo recently for the PSP remake of Silver Star Story. I quite enjoyed it!

Tomarcus3186d ago

ooo. I love thinking up good questions for publishers and developers. Give me a day or two for this!

taz80803186d ago

Devs love to hear from the public, keeps them connected. Looking forward to this.