DualShockers ShockCast Episode 2

DualShockers writes: "The ShockCast this week touched base on new releases Tatsunoko vs Capcom, MAG, Mass Effect 2, with a dash of variety with conversation on topics suchs as Final Fantasy XIII. I don't want to sit here and spoil the entire ShockCast, so without further adieu, we present you with DualShockers ShockCast Episode 2."

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iiprotocolii3184d ago

That theme song is hilarious, I swear to god.

Chadness3184d ago

So, who's buying the PS3 "Arc"? ;)

Tomarcus3184d ago

I think Evan is my favorite, that man is pure comedic GOLD!

AzarVC3184d ago

That's the best sign off I've heard since "Go Flock yourself, San
Diego" ~ Ron Burgandy

taz80803183d ago

pretty entertaining podcast. A bit of static in certain parts but very funny.

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