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shadowwizard3403d ago

Amazing trailer... I'm glad that I've pre-ordered Collector's Edition last week...

3403d ago
Nitrowolf23403d ago

"on par with Gears of War 2." i suggest that you go out and buy new glasses

Nambassa3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

I can't wait for this any longer!!

Wait... what are you smoking Green Ring of Death? Gimme some. ;)

LordMarius3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

This looks amazing,
now dont get me wrong I'm not buying this game on Day 1 because of the $60 tag, I just dont see myself paying that much for this type of game, I'll wait till it goes on sale
looks to be a unique experience

umair_s513403d ago

Wow, this trailer has convinced me to pick the game up!
@ 1.5 Yeah, I'm not going to pay the full $60, I have my reasons.
@ 1.1 You are saying that gears had just ok graphics.

sack_boi3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

That was awesome

The beginning reminded me of the movie Saw.

agent0273403d ago

I think he needs to be a gamer and not a hater. :)

But people like him aren't capable of doing that.

sparta763403d ago

Holy crap!!!
This game is gonna be awsome!!!
Can't wait to get my hands on this.

@ greenlightoflife, bro u blind!!!

3403d ago
redsquad3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Haha, you forgot the "sarcasm" tag... didn't you?
Please, tell me you did, as my faith in human nature will slip yet another notch if you actually MEANT That.

darthv723403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

shenmue 3. Come on SEGA!


you people got a thing against yu suzuki and shenmue?

baum3403d ago

"The graphics are ok. They are almost on par with Gears of War 2. "

You forgot to say "bu bu bu TEH MOVIEZZZ1111"

bjornbear3403d ago

awesome stuff!

cant wait to pick it up =)

PS3, it only does everything (even makes fanboys blurt out stupidity as an act of desperation...poor things)

CrimsonFox133403d ago

Damn! I wish they warned me there were spoilers in the trailer!


I had no idea Ethan Mars would be a suspect! That's a pretty big twist since all we knew was he was trying to find the guy.

Redempteur3403d ago

i could n't resist .. i watched it ...

Wow ..i just can't wait ...

This is so ... great .. i can't wait to have this game into my console ...

ps : this vid has a little spoiler but you can live with it

Maddens Raiders3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

23 comments into your new account huh we won, moneybuyseverything, bungie, sak500, elitegamer, topgamer, Genuine, elines, niceguywii60, green, GOWIII3, walup, Asari Consort?

God, your life is so devoid of meaning.

On topic: HR looks like it will challenge the lot of great games coming out this year as a real GOTY contender. It always looked great to me, but the intrigue combined with good gameplay, I got from the demo, are what will keep me coming back.

Aquanox3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Why is the voice acting so disastrous?

I mean.. the game's quality overall looks really good but it's totally ruined by terrible acting.

Edit: To the guy above me, remember any GOTY contender will have to face Mass Effect 2. I see this one being good but not ME2 level. Just my opinion of course.

Edit 2: Visuals - Stop comparing this game's visuals with others. Heavy Rain is mostly SCRIPTED, which mean, visuals moving on a totally controlled environment. If you want to compare this, do it with Mass Effect 2 cinematics or Halo Reach trailer. Both running on controlled environment (no A.I., pshysics, etc...)

3403d ago
badz1493403d ago

disastrous? LOL what ever dude if that makes you sleep better tonight! but talking about disastrous, what do you wanna call these? the lifeless expressions of characters in ME always bug me! thank god I'm not playing that game! I'm no fan of WRPG!

baum3403d ago

Objects on Heavy Rain can be moved at will, it's not a pre-rendered sequence, everything is rendered real time. Also, the lighting in Heavy Rain is dynamic. The only thing that may not be dynamic are the environments, but that's the same with Halo Reach and Mass Effect 2.

sikbeta3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

This Game is Amazing, The Best Thing:

Mature 17+


*[WOW, this one is Huge... lol]

goflyakite3403d ago

Wow, this trailer really makes me wanna get it.

Christopher3403d ago

Great trailer. Just finished Indigo Prophecy the other day for the first time, and the game had its flaws but it seems much of that is definitely being taken care of in Heavy Rain.

-Seven-3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

The begging reminded me of SAW. Just from the trailer you can see that the story in this game is going to be deep. I honestly was turned of by the tutorial demo they should, but this trailer just put heavy rain on my must buy list.

jmare3403d ago

How else could he have put the iPad in the game before it was announced?

xabmol3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Now it actually hurts. Dx

I want this game so bad I was shaking my fists at my TV after the trailer finished.


*shakes fists*

y0haN3402d ago

Pumped.. this game's going to be special.

Aquanox3402d ago

Stop lying to yourselves. Heavy rain's environments are interactive in an scripted way. You can't feely use them like in Alan Wake (ergo, comparisons between both games are stupid)

You are given choices and you are limited to those scripted choices, this is why the environment is under control and they can spend power on visuals.

As for the voice acting, I don't need to be a dev to know that it's not good. Come on guys.

Christopher3402d ago

Every single envirionment in a game revolves around scripted interactions.

Each chair you can sit in is a scripted event. Every item you can pick up is a scripted event. Everything is scripted.

The difference between Heavy Rain and other games is the amount of interaction allowed, the fluidity of it, and the method of evolving/controlling a storyline based on it.

Aquanox3402d ago

It will never cease to amaze me how "technical" people would be willing to go to defend the undefendable.

Everything is scripted in games to some extent but the effect you can cause with your actions is what is not. In Halo for example, you can throw a grenade to a vehicle, make it fly on the air and then kill someone in the map. Do it again and the vehicle might not fly, it might only roll and it might not kill the same guy but many, others, or none. All that is simulated in real time.

Does heavy rain have that level of freedom? NO. Does it need to take care of such heavy calculations in real time?. Heck NO. It only limits yourself to the previously scripted events you can chose from. The only Non-Scripted part of the game is what button you push to trigger those actions.

I'm not saying it sucks, on contrary, I was waiting for a game like Shenmue a long time ago, and if they make the story tree good enough, it could be the rebirth of a genre.

but you just CAN'T compare technical assets of a game like this with Real time games like Halo Reach or Alan Wake. (which you "cleverly" ignored, quoting ME2, which cinematics - CINEMATICS - I've chosen for comparison with Heavy Rain)

As for the voice acting, nobody with ears and an objective mind will deny it's at least, not in the level of the rest of the game.

Christopher3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Again, everything in a game is scripted. Physics are just scripts written based on real-time events to provide a seemingly custom experience.

I agree with you on not comparable to other games, but I also don't think you can talk down on them just because they're different.

As far as the voice overs... they've sounded fine to me so far.

jannytime3402d ago

doesent call my attention at all, looks kinda wack.
i have a feeling this game is gonna dissapoint alot of u guys praising it. GOTY? no way. remember i said this: HR will be mediocre and will garner mediocre reviews. Save this post and hold me to that.

Aquanox3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Do I really need to explain this to you?

* It's almost impossible to get the same effect twice in an action scene in a "simulated" world. (Halo, Alan Wake)

* You will have the exact same "scripted" experience or result in heavy rain if you push the same buttons.

I'm not talking about algorythms, both have them, but while one of them only reproduce a scene over and over again, the others represent the scene according to thousands of variables in the environment (weight, dimensions, simulated gravity, explosion power, light, etc...) Those algorythms or "scripts" as you conveniently like to reffer them to, have abysmal differences with those which only are limited to animated a predefined scene.

When I say "scripted", I'm OBVIOUSLY talking about the resultant scene. Now please stop answering with the same nonsense over and over again.

This makes me remind the nerdy "CGI" argument... everything is CGI blah blah blah... but everyone with a brain already knows what people means when referring to a piece of animation as CGI (Pre-rendered CGI) yet there are always some guys pretending to sound intelligent sticking to this argument.

mfwahwah3402d ago

You know, Aquanox, you can just agree to disagree here. You don't need to try and convince people that your opinion is superior, somehow.

Aquanox3402d ago

I've stopped talking about opinions a few posts ago. The guy decided to go technical on concepts and that's what I'm debating.

DaTruth3402d ago

Halo3: Blow warthog up and left... continue on rails!

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Nitrowolf23403d ago

awesome, but where is the other box art that sony said for USA? or that alternative thing they spoke of

nskinnear3403d ago

Sony has said they'll be releasing the EU cover for people to print out and replace the U.S. cover if they'd like.

belal3403d ago

i will pre order it tommorow :D

nskinnear3403d ago

Already got mine pre-ordered. Can't wait! :D

SeraphimBlade3403d ago

I wasn't gonna, 'cause I get an employee discount at Wal-Mart which doesn't do reserves, but all the games I've wanted have been selling out the first day, and every PS3 fan is gonna be clamoring for this.

nskinnear3403d ago

I don't know about that. I mean, Heavy Rain isn't exactly the type of game I see selling out day 1. It's a game that caters to a specific audience. Plus, the entire concept of the game is pretty difficult to market.

I hope Heavy Rain does very well in sales (I'm sure it will deserve it), but I don't expect it to sell millions of copies.

Cirran3403d ago

That was quite intense....

THE MAX SPEED 213403d ago

looked like a TV series finaly or something. Really good.