Final Fantasy XIII Reviewed (GamingBolt)

Stephen Miller writes:"Even if you beat all of the missions, there are trophies and secret wallpapers to unlock by collecting all the items in the game or beating all of the missions with a 5 star rating. All of this is more than enough to extend the play time to over 100 hours, which is very respectable for a good Final Fantasy. However, there isn't much else that you can do. No mini-games or other amusing distractions. Thus, a perfect score just can't quite be justified."

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Genesis53405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

It's one of those love or hate games. Ratings from 4 to 9 depending who you believe.

Think I'll just buy it and rate it myself.

gunnerforlife3405d ago

this is a rent at best or ama just wait till i find a preowned version of it lool, all that looks good about this game is the graphics and even then you got killzone(a year old game that trumps it in that aspect) then u got uncharted 2(id go as far 2 say 1 in some areas lol) and god of war 3.

Kurisu3405d ago

Got my Collectors Edition pre-ordred, so I will wait to try it out for myself.

GrandDragon3405d ago

The reviewer makes a major flaw

The game automatically adjusts and elevates difficulty whilst completing the challenge depending primarily on your character strengths. In other words the time inference, set to defeat the boss is based upon your team status and obviously as your team grows stronger the time will reflect that.

It wouldn't be a challenge if they had kept the time the same!! Also considering how this game does not have difficulty options (easy, medium , hard) this auto adjustment is a perfect way to heighten the battle experience.

chidori6663405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

9.0 score for this game..

after all hype in 4 years and all marketing in japan..

i have say this very disapoint game.

gameseveryday3404d ago

I guess 9.0 is a very good score. I mean you have a point that the game could have got a perfect, but still 9 is a great score.

pervezmzn3404d ago

9.0 for a game for ps3...i wud say very low!!!

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