What Is Your Favorite Era in Video Game History?

Gamervision says, "This year, the Nintendo DS will be six years old. The PSP and Xbox 360 will turn five, and the Wii and PS3 celebrate four solid years of existence. In other words, we are now well into what is known as the seventh generation of video games, and with no end in sight, it may end up being the longest. This generation has seen gaming sales records shattered year after year, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 recently hitting the billion-dollar mark. The industry is constantly evolving and moving forward with new technology, innovative titles, jaw-dropping visuals, and unique gameplay; video games are also becoming more mainstream, meaning that within a decade or two, gaming should be as acceptable as watching movies or reading books. This may be the most technologically advanced period in the history of video games… but is it the best? More importantly, is it your favorite? If not, what is your most beloved generation in gaming?"

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LadyStardust3406d ago

Third, fifth, and current generations for the win.

darthv723406d ago

It truly was a new beginning (for the time).

So many great shmups and sports games and platformers. 2D FTW!!!

Genesis does what Nintendon't.
Super Nintendo is what Genesisn't.

Throw in the 3DO and Turbografx for some oddball games and it was a great gen to be part of.

gumgum993406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I find the Fifth Generation to be my personal favorite. So many great, and original games came out on the Original Playstation, The rise of 3D was also exciting, and of course, the thing all kids take for granted today that is Game Demoes!

The last gen was also fun, with many fresh games still coming out with influence from the greatness of the 90's. This gen is my least favorite of recent years( a close third). Sure the online connectivity is great, and some great games still came out, bur this ridiculous focus on realism, combined with an over saturation of Shooters, and Multiplayer has turned me off completely for most of the second half of the last decade.

life doomer3406d ago

my favorites were the snes era, the n64 era, and the ps2 era