Free Radical working on Crysis 2

TVGB: "It appears Free Radical is giving Crytek a hand with the development of Crysis 2. Exactly to what extent they're involved is unknown and will remain unknown until after the game's out but, while not specifying whether they're working on the console or PC version, they are working on "a part of the game," Crytek Vice President and co-founder Faruk Yerli said in a recent interview with German outlet PC Games."

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ASSASSYN 36o3278d ago

Given free radicals venture into multi console games they are probably handling console development.

-Alpha3278d ago

I guess this truly means TimeSplitters is dead and gone.

I'm a *little* nervous of them handling Crysis 2 for consoles considering what happened with Haze but I'm sure Crytek has helped them back on their talented feet.

God, I wish they really just made Timesplitters 4 instead of Haze, maybe they'd still be alive today if they did.

mastiffchild3278d ago

I wouldn't be nervous as they're getting all the middleware/enhgine provided for them from Crytek and it was their middleware being pulled(and them hurriedly building all their own) mid development that hurt Haze technically. So, as long as Crytek don't get the same writers and actors in as FRD did for Haze it should be fine. The core shooting mechanic for Haze was excellent, imo, but physics outside of that, textures and continuity were a mess and, to me and others, the game looked far better about a year before release(and before, I assume) a lot of the political issues set in.

I'd much rather have another TS game from them but beggars can't be choosers and the inevitable "consoles gimped our Crysis" debate started by our PC gaming community is just around the corner!

JsonHenry3278d ago

I would rather them be working on TimeSplitters instead. That game was epic during its time.

SilentNegotiator3278d ago

It's not Free Radical anymore. It's Crytek UK

ThanatosDMC3278d ago

Now what im scared of is they overhype this like Haze and under deliver like Haze did... wait it's the same company, right??? I'm not sure cuz i dont care.

jerethdagryphon3278d ago

not surprising considering there crytek uk now...
thats like saying ubisoft montreal is helping ubi romania with a game

y0haN3278d ago

@1.2 I wouldn't worry about that. There won't be a change difference in writing staff etc, the only difference is that now they are porting the game to consoles.

Lol, Crysis on a console.

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-MoOkS-3278d ago

I would not let those guys anywhere near my game if i were crytek

Pennywise3278d ago

Can't disagree there.

Crysis was great graphics, forgettable game. I guess they are aiming for forgettable overall now.

tdrules3278d ago

Id rather someone who had some experience with the complex ps3 structure make a game than Crytek, with no previous experience.

NYC_Gamer3278d ago

Wow.....the same guys who released that medicore game called haze

Raoh3278d ago

the game got a lot of unnecessary hate.

technically the game was good. it was just late and over hyped in an especially high anti sony climate..

TheBand1t3278d ago

The same guys who also released the excellent TimeSplitters series.

i_am_interested3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

they said the main reason they couldnt get Haze to shine was because they couldnt develop a good enough engine platform for the ps3, ie their fault, but theyre not designing an engine this time

theyre using cryengine 3, not only that but they have the full backing and support of crytek, especially seeing as how theyre name isnt free radical anymore, its crytek UK

kalebgray923278d ago

ill give them one more shot

sikbeta3278d ago

Pal, the same guys who released that medicore game called haze AND The Amazing Franchise Called TimeSplitters

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Paignman3278d ago

I'm sure console development had something to do with it. Isn't that why Crytek bought them in the first place?

I'm really hoping they are in charge of their multiplayer modes - especially 4-player local splitscreen. Timesplitters series are still some of my favorite games of all time.

The fact that the report says they've been working on part of it makes me wonder if they are also spending time on some other project. TimeSplitters 4 would definitely be my hope!

mesh13278d ago

plz dont let 1st party ps3 devs handle a gamme , the gameplay will be garbage like all fist party ps3 fps game all of them are crap! u know all ps3 1st party games have garabge gameplay

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