GTA: Episodes from Liberty City Listed for PS3

It never ends, does it? For quite some time now, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City has been rumored to be gracing the PlayStation 3 at one point or another. The package, which includes The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, is currently exclusive to Xbox 360.

Retail website has listed Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for PS3. The listing even contains the newly designed PS3 boxart, lending the listing some credibility.

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OGharryjoysticks3239d ago

Rockstar can keep it. I sold my copy of the game before I even finished it. I hope this isn't what they meant when they said they have plans to be real good to PS3 owners this year.

LordMarius3239d ago

watch it sell more, lol

but seriously meh, I too didn't finish the game, it just wasn't the same

Bungie3239d ago

this is megaton news for ps3 only owners

this DLC is fantastic :)

lociefer3239d ago

Boooooo, leave the dlc crap for 360, shows us agent and the other good stuff

kaveti66163239d ago

The DLC is actually very good. Many argue that it was what GTA IV should have been.

You call it crap now, but if and when it does come to PS3, you're going to brag about how you have it. So I don't understand the trash talk.

Xeoset3239d ago

1) Because Microsoft, one of the biggest business beings in the world, would fund $50,000,000 worth of content to be released on the PS3.
2) A retail site that nobody has heard of with the price the same on both consoles.

Nope, definitely not a mistake. This is confirmation. /s

rambi803239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

this is most likely fake.

If its not then get it - ballad of gay tony was actually quite good.

Dont let blind hate allow you to miss a good game

Vertius3239d ago

That 50 million was a loan, just like all of Microsoft's investments. And I've heard of SimplyGames before, they've been around a while, so you're point's a little moot.

Still seems suspect, though. Especially that release date. R* would want to be announcing it pretty soon.

And would I get it if they did? Yup. Always said I would.

young juice3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

yea i dont want it either, they can keep this and that gay tony crap.

what i want is mass effect 2.

who's with me?


i guess your right.

JD_Shadow3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

God! Some people!

Let them release it. Even if you don't like it coming out for the system, let the people who WANT it to happen enjoy it

As for this, you do know it'll happen at some point. Even if this turns out to be an error, you know it will happen with how the recent news about the DLC went down, and how LAD came out for the 360 a year or so ago (how much more exclusivity does MS need for it). My thought is that it's going to happen, it SHOULD happen, and from this news, it probably WILL happen.

EDIT: Not to sound like a fanboy, but I would also love for this to come out to tell some of those that kept saying "oh, MS had $50 mil to keep it truly exclusive and to keep Rockstar from releasing ANY GTA4 DLC to the PS3" that I told you so. There were too many people who were going too far with their fanboyism about this subject. It should finally put an end to the whole thing.

Gothdom3239d ago

I don't know if it'll happen, but it would say this guy is credible:


both were written in march 2009.

But, until I see it available or announced by R*, I won't hold my breath.

-MD-3239d ago

"watch it sell more"

That happens like what? 2% of the time?

bruddahmanmatt3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Meh, the phrase "two years too late" comes to mind. GTAIV wasn't a complete FAIL but the fact that Rockstar purposely withheld content from the core game in order to make the DLC more appealing is a big turn off. Unless the PS3 version of EFLC receives an HD remake of San Andreas (which it obviously never will) I could care less.

StanLee3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

As legitimate as the Target posting. Or was it Best Buy who listed the title for PS3 last October?

HDgamer3239d ago

360 fans excuse is that they had it first. 50 million went into timed exclusive DLC. That is really pathetic, Sony would've made a couple of new IP's with that.

mastiffchild3239d ago

I just thnk that particular boat has sailed, hasn't it? A lot of 360 gamers felt it was too late FO THEM let alone this coming to PS3 over a year after TLaTD debuted on 360. PS3 gamers will, and are, more interested in the games they've been getting the hype provided for in the interim and this will look like sloppy seconds by comparison top the many fresh AAA games coming out already this year.

If it's cheaper and has a few extras to sweeten the wait then, I guess, it could do OK but the big sales can be forgotten about. I'd bought GTA4 for my PS3(and am one of those rare people who completely feels it was a massive mprovement on SA(which wasn't as good as VC for my taste)which got too wacky and SR for my liking)so haven't played either of the DLC for it on 360 as I didn't want to buy the game again so I could download it and WOULD definitely get it for PS3 if it came out(and, yes, I realise you didn't need the original game for the disc of the two DLCs but by that point all this was starting again)but I think pretty much every other PS3 gamer I know is much keener for RDR and Agent to arrive and won't touch this unless there's some kind of benefits for the PS3 version.

I really don't think, unless they could make it really cheaply that it's going tp nbe worth their while in cash or time terms. Really, t's just
WAY too lat for PS3. WAY too late.

Redempteur3239d ago

i think i might buy it .i finished gta4 100% and i think i might want another sand box game after i finish AC2

GiantEnemyCrab3239d ago

So what was it? One guy says "it was a loan" then another one says ". 50 million went into timed exclusive DLC. That is really pathetic, Sony would've made a couple of new IP's with that."

I wish R* would just release them on the PS3 that way people would shut up about it..

Lifendz3239d ago

I won't pay full price for something available on the other console for a year plus. Held my ground with Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden, and Lost Planet. Not to mention me having so many complaints with GTA4. I didn't sell my copy in time and right now it's not worth it to sell it so maybe I'll pick this up at some point. Right now there are too many good AAA games coming out.

ico923239d ago

GTA 4 is just a boring experience for me , i mean after flying jet packs out of area 51 in san andreas, i find very little entertainment value in gta4, i am more eager to see something on agent than DLC i know i wont buy.

bjornbear3239d ago

thank you for your wisdom

thats exactly my case. I haven't even finished GTA IV yet (got it recently) and I'm loving it, and if this is real, I'm getting it.

I think its stupid putting your pride and your voice over a good game =/ its videogames not politics.

and those who do want to make a stand, BUY IT!

You are endorsing a game that, although exclusive for a while, was completely financed by MS! You will be giving more than you give by not buying.

You will encourage MORE MS paid content to come to the PS3 (like Mass Effect)

If EA were to see this and say "wow this MS exclusive deal makes no sense, Episodes of Liberty City sold like CRAZY on the PS3!" think about it =)

remember vote with your money, but vote wisely ;)

Xeoset3239d ago

...Just a loan?

Halo 3 cost them $22 million to make, Gears 2 cost Epic $25 million, etc, etc.

$50 million, as a loan to a single company to develop content that is smaller than a normal game, is hardly likely.

Again, the website is small time. Real small time. If it was Amazon or Play then there would be a LOT more to play on but it is not. I therefore declare your points moot; just because you've heard of it does not mean it is popular or anything to go buy.

Might sound a little headstrong... but meh.

umair_s513239d ago

Honestly, I don't even want this game. Unless Rockstar sell it really cheap like $20 for the retail disc, only then will I be interested. The only 360 game I want to see on the PS3 is Mass Effect 2. I don't really care about Alan Wake, we already have similar games like that i.e. Dead Space/Bioshock 2/ Heavy Rain.

gaffyh3239d ago

Who the hell cares about this anymore? I hated GTA4, I didn't even get the DLC for the 360 version, why would anyone, apart from a handful of hardcore fans, even care about this pos?!

whoelse3239d ago

Awhile ago Sony leaked out that Lost and the Damned was playable at GC09:

Anyway, if this really does arrive, I'll buy it but probably off the store. I'm a big GTA fan.

FarEastOrient3239d ago

Actually if I was in Rockstar's shoes I would be almost happy, since Microsoft payed $50 million for the two episodes and now they get a chance to sell the complete game on one BD for PS3. Is it Rockstars fault that the Xbox Live community did not buy enough units of the DLC to cover the price of how much Microsoft payed for it?

Either way Rockstar sees it as a profit from Microsoft payments and eventual payments from PS3 customers. Since Rockstar owes Sony a couple of titles anyway since they failed to produce a product for IP investment. Unlike the PS1 days, after serious IP investment, Sony used just buy out the company whole for example Psygnosis, Polyphony Digital, and Quatum Dreams (PS2/3 era).

DaTruth3239d ago

"I think its stupid putting your pride and your voice over a good game =/ its videogames not politics."

That would be stupid, but this is not a good game, it is the same game I played 1.5 years ago. At least other games have DLC with something new to see This is like releasing a game with the same levels and just changing the reason your doing it. level 1: Get red car, take it here. DLC level 1: Get blue car, take it there!

Disccordia3239d ago

It was Toys R Us who posted a similar listing last year. This rumour refuses to go away but I still can't see it happening. Rockstar surely have more important things to focus on this year (RDR, Max Payne, LA Noire, Agent..) to be porting dlc for a two year old game.

baum3239d ago

"this is megaton news for ps3 only owners

this DLC is fantastic :) "

First time I agree with Bungie. This news will only make 360 only owners more miserable as the list of reasons for buying a 360 is decreasing every day.

For the sake of their mental health, I hope Natal doesn't fail.

blind-reaper3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Cmon The ballad of gay tony looks great (what IV could be)I will buy it only for that.

Lykon3239d ago

they can keep it , not interested. didn't finish gta iv

sikbeta3239d ago

MEH... not official words, this is nothing

Alvadr3239d ago

Excellent, glad I held back and didnt buy this for the 360

vhero3239d ago

Was obviously gonna happen these exclusive contracts are all timed anyways they are never permanent. So rockstar know how to make a bit more money from their game and you can't blame em for it. However its won't sell as well as the 360 version as most PS3 owners will have either moved on or just can't be bothered.

y0haN3239d ago

Enjoy the DLC if it does indeed come to PS3, it's awesome, better than GTA 4 itself.

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DoucheVader3239d ago

Nice... Looks official, but not sure.

NYC_Gamer3239d ago

leave that garbage on the 360 and bring us something fresh..

kaveti66163239d ago

We're getting Agent. And the DLC is not crap, jabrone.

rambi803239d ago

1) Its not garbage

2) They are bringing a lot to the ps3 - also looking forward to red dead from rockstar

ktchong3239d ago

... on the PC.

Agent is a console exclusive, not a true exclusive. It is also available on the PC.

LtSkittles3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

The Agency is a PC/PS3 mmo, but Agent is a PS3 game. Also I wouldn't mind the dlc, if we get it "Yay," and if not then,"yay."

Method3239d ago

Agent = PS3 Exclusive being developed by Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto Series)

The Agency = PC/PS3 multi-platform with cross-platform play being developed by SOE (Everquest series and Starwars Galaxies)

FarEastOrient3239d ago

Assassin's Creed on the PC is the superior version and yet did you see the minimum requirements to play that game is jaw-dropping. With graphics set one pace lower it runs fine on the Xbox 360 and PS3, the hardware to support minimum requirements can net a price that can buy both the Xbox 360 and PS3 with change left over to buy a game for each console.

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Kurisu3239d ago

So if this does come to PS3, I won't buy it. However, if this is true, then good news for GTA IV PS3 owners.