Star Trek's final beta closes with a bang, a star system full of phaser fire and a few torpedoes up the nacelles writes: "That the Borg was on the move was known. That the Borg would invade Sector Space was probably not anticipated by many … well, with the possible exception of the Cryptic development team for Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer online title being released by Cryptic and Atari on February 2.

"The Open Beta phase came to a conclusion last night, and those thinking to avoid conflict on a massive scale had to work to do that. The Borg were everywhere – as were the Klingons. But whereas the Klingons were much easier targets for the fleets of Federation ships engaged in the brutal brawl, the Borg were more high-powered, more precise in targeting, more prone to attack with numbers favoring that attack, and more than capable of shredding shields and ripping through the hull of the starships of young captains."

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athmaus3184d ago

I was able to get in the beta whenit opened up to the public a week ago. I really enjoyed my time with the game, although I dont know if i will purchase it yet.

I was unable to participate in the end beta event they had. Was it fun?

Maximum Yuks3184d ago

Can't wait for next week...

trig4563184d ago

looks amazing so far... can't wait till it's out of beta.

Kyrwolf3184d ago

Wondering how deep the content is going to be, but otherwise, might be fun.

Caspel3184d ago

Star Trek Online sounds so boring. Maybe if they had J.J. Abrams directing the project it would sound better

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