Microsoft Mission Division Has More Xbox 360 Games To Reveal

The mission division's "job" is to bring popular series to the Xbox 360. While the wheeling and dealing Xbox 360 head San Roku Maru (that's 360) isn't real, the initiative is. And it appears the mission division has a second title to reveal.

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Elven63186d ago

The campaign reminds me a bit of those wacky Sega ads they did in Japan. How well does Monster Hunter sell on consoles? I know it does really well on handhelds especially in Japan.

kaveti66163186d ago

Will it be a remake?

Will it see an upgrade in graphics?

I am interested in the concept of the game. The monthly subscription is the only thing that's going to keep me from getting it.

THE MAX SPEED 213186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

There's videos of the Game on Youtube and I think it's a Port of the older one Not to sure since I never saw the 1st.

Look what I found on Siliconera

"Munetatsu Matsui, the editor in chief of Famitsu Xbox 360, tweeted something a curious. Matsui said at a party he met with a “maker” that has not released an Xbox 360 game yet. This unnamed party will start making Xbox 360 titles this year and has a lot to publish.

Could Matsui be talking about Nippon Ichi? They signed on to be an Xbox 360 developer way back in 2007 and still haven’t released a game for Microsoft’s console. Atlus comes to mind as another possibility. After all, Shin Megami Tensei: Nine was an exclusive for the original Xbox. Level 5 is a pie-in-the-sky guess, but after True Fantasy Live Online failed the two companies parted on unfavorable terms."

I Think that The Nippon Ichi game will be A Sequel to the one who was released on the Wii a few years ago. They'll incorporate natal into it. mark my words.

Godmars2903186d ago

It only took off on the PSP. Both the PS2 and Wii versions sold poorly I believe.

Neither of them had subscription fees too.

3186d ago
Foxgod3186d ago


Nippon Ichi would be nice, one of the very few games on the ps3 i actually want to play come from them (Atelier Rorona), question is, Will NIS America pick them up to translate them for the 360, like they do right now for sony and nintendo based systems.

colonel1793186d ago

I'm not sure if Microsoft's strategy is a good one. They have a year with almost no games (2009) and the following year they announce a bunch of them? Does that mean that 2011 will be the same as 2009?

SilentNegotiator3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

More ports of old Japanese PC games that cost $15 a month?

Tony P3185d ago

As cool as it is that 360 is getting more game announcements, let's hope they follow up with better than a port of a somewhat aged PC game.

3185d ago
Foxgod3185d ago

Youre indeed more of a HDgame hater.

CWMR3185d ago

-HDgame hater, what does your post have to do with anything? The guy was basically right anyway, you are nothing but a hater.


Your error is in claiming the 360 had no games in 2009. That is the biggest bunch of crap that PS3 fanboys have tried to spread. The 360 had a somewhat weak year compared to years before, but you guys exaggerate it to a ridiculous degree. The PS3 had a slightly better lineup, but if you took away even one big game like Uncharted 2 it would have had a weaker lineup than the 360 in my opinion.

The 360 has had a stellar lineup most years. 2009 was its worst and it still wasn't that bad. A year that had great games like Halo Wars, GTA4 The Lost and Damned, GTA4 The Ballad of Gay Tony, Shadow Complex, Halo 3 ODST, Left 4 Dead 2 and Forza 3 can hardly be considered a horrible year. I still had PLENTY to play on my 360.

2010 looks like an amazing year for the 360 and we don't know anything about 2011 for any console.-

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THE MAX SPEED 213186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I lol'ed @ the TV ad.

Microsoft has no games?

MonsterHunter Frontier
N3:2 dev's MMO
Mistwalker new RPG
Secret Japanese title 1
Secret japanese Title 2
15 Natal Launch Titles.

HDgamer3186d ago

You should stop mentuioning multiplats, only 2 of those are actually just only on the xbox 360 and not pc.

THE MAX SPEED 213186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )


Where do I mention Xbox360? I said "Microsoft".

And Last Time I checked

Steam (content delivery) Operating system : Microsoft Windows

So my list = Microsoft Exclusive.

-MD-3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

People list console exclusives, nobody is comparing the 360 or PS3 lineup to the PC.

Console exclusives = bragging rights.
Exclusives = bragging rights.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online is on the 360 and PC and NOT the PS3, so it is console exclusive to the 360.

Omega43186d ago

Cant play then on the ps3 though can you :)

Godmars2903186d ago

And so far it hasn't shown that it does anything different or better that the PC version. Will even have to run off separate servers. So far FFXIV is PC/PS3 and is promising to run off the same servers.

ps360owner093186d ago

If so did you buy the pc version of final fantasy 7, metal gear solid, resident evil 1-3 etc on pc? Or did you do like 98% of people and buy it on the playstation and consider it to be exclusive because it was an exclusive? It was a CONSOLE exclusive which meant you couldn't get it from sega or nintendo or any other video game console. The pc is considered to be separate from consoles which is why you rarely see sales charts that show console and pc sales together they are usually separate.

Somnipotent3186d ago

i love it when people make lists to make them feel better about their favorite consoles. it's so cool!!

Pennywise3186d ago

Hey, MS took a year off from having games to save up for 2010... everyone deserves a break!

And you guys getting all excited over games being 360 exclusive have NO bragging rights if it is on the PC. I own a gaming PC if I wanted to play any of those.

N4PS3G3186d ago


Yeah and even a kid in 1st grade knows that square-enix wants FFXIV on 360 .. so thats another title you can't brag about

"Xbox Live Policy Holding Up FFXIV 360 Version
Discussions of the Xbox Live policy means it won't be released simultaneously with other versions"

Godmars2903186d ago

You're probably right, but its likely because of MS's online policies. That if its subscription like everyone is talking about, they'll want to cover the costs like they're doing with MHF. It'll also be running on its own servers.

Arnon3186d ago

"You should stop mentuioning multiplats, only 2 of those are actually just only on the xbox 360 and not pc. "

Fable 3
Crackdown 2
Alan Wake
Halo: Reach
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Q Entertainment/Phantagram Project 1
Q Entertainment/Phantagram Project 2
Mistwalker new RPG
15 Natal Launch Titles

These are on the PC and PS3?

Also, Final Fantasy XIV Online has about a 90% chance of hitting the Xbox 360. There's too many Final Fantasy XI Online players on the 360, and name integration will be featured as something that connects the two games.

3186d ago
hoops3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Those games are MS exclusive. In otherwords you need some form of MS owned product in some form to play it. You wont see them on the Wii or PS3. Either way its more money for MS and the game developer. Most likely WHY those games are on both platforms. You see. This is a business and they do not whine like you

"It's not a TRUE exclusive because......Waaaaaaaa!!!& quot ;

Dude you're sad...and BTW. Why do you care if it is "exclusive or not? I THOUGHT you claim you're a gamer? LOL


How many games are available for linux? Have you actually SEEN the type of games that are released for the linux platform compared to the current PC list? LOL You fail right there...
How are you running window games on a MAC unless its specifically made for the MAC? And how many games are MADE specifically for the MAC? LOL I think i can count on one hand how many. Now if you run games on a MAC running just paid MS something. Have a nice day Saaking or whoever your name is.

Cenobia3186d ago

I don't understand. Isn't that an argument against the 360? If you always count PC games, I feel like that's saying, "look at all the games you could have purchased on one platform if Microsoft had just released a controller peripheral instead of an actual console".

I just think its odd that people say "Microsoft exclusive" like its a plus for xbox 360 owners, when really it just means I don't have to buy a 360...

HDgamer3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

"f so did you buy the pc version of final fantasy 7, metal gear solid, resident evil 1-3 etc on pc?"

I actually played FF7 and MGS on the pc before I even owned a ps1 so yeah. Although there is a difference between the FF7 on both platforms. FF7 on ps1 has extra content on those 4 disks, like the ultra high level monsters that are more difficult than the final boss.

Stop with the excuses already. Exclusive is only on one platform. Your logic is that it's "console exclusive". It's like saying Superhead is exclusive to each rapper/rockstar she slept with. Thats not exclusive.


If I can run the game on linux then how is it exclusive? Nice try but you really just failed. What about MAc's? You didn't count this as well, so I guess this is Microsoft Exclusive?

Mass Effect running on a mac. Sorry it's not MS exclusive. Since they take no money from the game. Otherwise the Agency and other sony MMO games thats also on the ps3 would be MS exclusive.

Arnon3186d ago


Fable 3
Crackdown 2
Alan Wake
Halo: Reach
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Q Entertainment/Phantagram Project 1
Q Entertainment/Phantagram Project 2
Mistwalker new RPG
15 Natal Launch Titles

Where are the PC and PS3 versions of these games that he listed? These are the majority of them on that list.

FarEastOrient3186d ago

Just because Impulse and Steam is also on app for windows does not mean they favor Microsoft. That is like saying games from PSN on windows is also in favor of Microsoft, what kind of mentality does it take to perceive something as this?

FarEastOrient3186d ago


Final Fantasy XI population is only about half a million with the majority (greater than three quarters) are running the game on a PC. There are only a few thousand playing it on consoles and that is putting both the PS2 and Xbox 360 population numbers together.

If you were part of the FFXI Community, you get a census e-mail showing the population of the players among the servers from Square-Enix.

HDgamer3186d ago

Again you didn't read I suggest you take your eyes and whatever browser you're using. Zoom in and highlight what was said. I'm giving you an example of what is not exclusive. The agency is on PC and PS3, it's not console exclusive. Its on two platforms, therefore multiplatform. Mass Effect 2 is on PC therefore multiplatform. I like how 360 fans want to deny that simple fact then also claim the pc is inferior to the 360 which makes me laugh more than anything on here.

Arnon3186d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

"You should stop mentuioning multiplats, only 2 of those are actually just only on the xbox 360 and not pc."

Xbox 360-Only Titles Listed:

Fable 3
Crackdown 2
Alan Wake
Halo: Reach
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Q Entertainment/Phantagram Project 1
Q Entertainment/Phantagram Project 2
Mistwalker new RPG
15 Natal Launch Titles

"Again you didn't read I suggest you take your eyes and whatever browser you're using. Zoom in and highlight what was said. I'm giving you an example of what is not exclusive."

Lol wat.


"There are only a few thousand playing it on consoles and that is putting both the PS2 and Xbox 360 population numbers together."

...and yet they're making Final Fantasy XIV for the Playstation 3. Ironic. Also, I've been part of the FFXI community for 4-5 years. I just didn't care to read the useless emails that I received from them. The fact that you basically confirmed that the console versions of the Final Fantasy Online installments do poorly would make sense that they would be porting over an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Server: Carbuncle
Name: Arnon
Jobs: DRK-75, SAM-75, DRG-52 or 53
Sky Access: O
Sea Access: O
Rajas Ring: O


Tony P3186d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

HD, "console exclusive" and "multiplatform" are not mutually exclusive terms. Games can be and often have been both.

Edit: Look, what you're denying is a solid matter of language. A PS3/PC game is console exclusive and multiplat just like a 360/PC is. Don't blame everyone else because you refuse to understand this rather simple concept.

HDgamer3185d ago

Keep at it with your excuses, it's just truly pathetic lol.

Foxgod3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Funny that HDgamer mentions Final fantasy 7.
Cause back then it was the Psone vs the N64, and all the nintendo boys where crying that Sony stole Square away.

Noone considered Final fantasy 7 to be a multi game, it was Psone exclusive.
The Psone had FF7, and Nintendo didnt.
Calling games that run on windows multi, its a lame excuse to make the 360 look bad.

Can you imagine someone with a N64 saying to a Psone owner:, OMGEH, FF7 and FF8 are not exclusive, they are on PC!!!, i got Zelda, a TRUE EXCLUSIVE!.

What a load of dung that would be.

CWMR3185d ago

-HDgamer, you are an ignorant person.

Exclusive means to exclude. When a magazine points out a game is "console exclusive" it means that within the console space it is exclusive to one console. That is to say, it isn't found on the other consoles.

You are a diehard PS3 fanboy and whether you have a gaming PC or not is irrelevant. The purpose of all your rants is to try to attack the 360. It's obvious.-

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Bumpmapping3186d ago

Let me guess another shooter?!

MetalGearRising3186d ago

Let me guess?.......Jealouse.

-MD-3186d ago

Look at how interested the Sony fanboys are in games they won't be getting =)

Karooo3186d ago

I cant wait to pay 16 bucks for that monster hunter mmo yay !!

-MD-3186d ago

More exclusives for all of us to enjoy =)

GiantEnemyCrab3186d ago

I will take an exclusive shooter! Considering these are Japan focused I would guess it's probably not however.

It's not like MS to announce these titles out of the blue.. They must have full plates already planned for X10 and E3.

It's definately got my attention.. Hopefully it won't be another PC game from 2+ years ago that didn't receive much love when it launched.

-MD-3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )


Umad bro? =) Disagreeing is only showing me you're upset =)

Hellsvacancy3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Wotta crappy list of games 360 games Murderdolls

Is Too Human really worth mentionin? then theres these

* Dance Dance Revolution Universe
* Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2
* Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3
* Dancing Stage Universe
* Dancing Stage Universe 2
* Panzer General: Allied Assault
* Perfect Dark Zero
* Pinball FX
* Poker Smash
* PopCap Arcade Volume 1
* PopCap Arcade Volume 2
* Yaris (video game)
* Yo-Ho Kablammo
* You're in the Movies
* WarTech: Senko no Ronde
* Wing Commander Arena
* Wits and Wagers (video game)
* Word Puzzle (video game)
# DeathSmiles
# Demons of Mercy
# Diario: Rebirth Moon Legend
# My Dream Man
# The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
# Double D Dodgeball
# Dream Club
* Lips (video game)
* Lips: Canta en Español
* Lips: Number One Hits
* Lips: Party Classics
* Little Gamers (video game)
* Lost Cities (video game)
# America's Army: True Soldiers
# Amped 3
# Apocalypse: Desire Next
# AquaZone: Life Simulator
# Assault Heroes 2
# Axiom: Overdrive

Looks like a list full of sh|t, i wouldnt buy\play ANY of those games

But the WORSE thing is, theres LOADS more on that crappy list that aint worth mentionin (AT ALL) but im goin pub in an hour so i aint got time 2 add them really

TTFN suckers

Action GO FIGURE3185d ago

Of all the places... WIKI!!!

WIKI FTW!!! :)

Anorexorcist3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

"Let me guess?.......Jealouse."

Let me take a guess...Hooked on Phonics never arrived in the mail at your house?

@ Murderdolls

"Look at how interested the Sony fanboys are in games they won't be getting =)"

Oh but they certainly aren't as interested as you and MetalGearRising for the PS3 games; You idiots are constantly trolling articles related to God of War 3, Heavy Rain, MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Uncharted 2, to name a few.

MetalGearRising and Murderdolls: The idiot little pots calling the kettle black sure makes me chuckle.

CWMR3185d ago

-You guys are lame. You mention a couple 360 fanboys trolling PS3 articles, but here you are in huge numbers trolling a 360 article. At least half the people in most 360 articles are PS3 fanboys. That rarely happens in a PS3 article. Most of the time PS3 articles are filled with 90% PS3 fanboys and only a few 360 fanboys.-

3185d ago
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ktchong3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

instead of throwing money at old and rehash multiplat IPs or IPs that will inevitably become multiplat.

Microsoft needs to create TRUE exclusives that do not show up on the PC. All those PC/Xbox exclusives, "timed" exclusives and exclusive DLCs are just BULLSHITS.

Microsoft needs to plan for the future. Microsoft will lose the exclusivity for Gears of War and Mass Effect IPs, inevitably after Epic and EA/BioWare complete the trilogies. What other AAA-rated IPs will Xbox have left after that? Just Halo and more Halo isn't gonna cut it.

Godmars2903186d ago

They need to make something that proves the console's abilities yet they don't seem to be capable of it.

-MD-3186d ago

By abilities you mean graphics right? Take a look at how amazing Reach is shaping up to be.

Godmars2903186d ago

1) That's Bungie which is no longer MS.
2) Know its pointless to point out, but this is graphical quality as judged by the 360 faithful. the same people who needed a few weeks to admit that Halo 3 didn't look any better than Halo 2, and then again say the exact same thing about ODST.

Tony P3186d ago

I definitely think they need more 1st and 2nd party, but at the same time that's not going to cut it in Japan. MS still needs 3rd party to survive and if they can court exclusives all the better. The problem of course is that they haven't been able to keep them. Worse, the PS3 is often getting the improved versions of these games wrecking any good faith you had in MS.

I do think the MHF decision goes a ways toward addressing a big problem for 360 in Japan: XBL. I always thought for a console behind the curve, it's ridiculous to expect already hesitant buyers to pay for service. Not when they could easily be playing the competition's more popular consoles at no extra charge.

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Bumpmapping3186d ago

You guys beta test the "Timed Exclusives" for us while we get the superior true exclusives,along with the superior timed one works out great for us PS3 owners :)

Bumpmapping3186d ago

and are not available for purchase or download on other video game consoles, personal computers <------- 360 so called"Exclusives" are on PC as well so that makes them multiplatform.Thanks for clarifying that up for all of us I thought you would never figure that one out LOL.

-MD-3186d ago

Also a Microsoft platform =)

GiantEnemyCrab3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

haha.. Guess your first attempt at trolling failed so you had to step up the rhetoric a bit...

EDIT: I didn't realize I was in the Open Zone.. So I guess it's all good since you are keeping it in here.. Carry on..