VG Reloaded: MAG Review

Welcome to MAG – a world of massive online action on an unprecedented scale, where 256 players take to the battlefield to win glory and the right to command squads, platoons and even an entire private army. MAG is set in a world where governments use Private Military Corporations (PMCs) to do their dirty work. Three have risen to the top – SVER, Raven and Valor. Battling for lucrative government contracts, these three factions have become the new world military standard.

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spunnups3278d ago

I don't see how there are any reviews at this point. The game is based around leveling up and unlocking an in depth and deep amount of bonuses, in no way, unless maybe just maybe, you played the game since release will you be anywhere near a reviewable game. But whatever I guess they had seen enough. Shrug.

Unicron3278d ago

Kotaku has a great first look, and they are holding off on their reviews. Check it out.

belal3278d ago

no doubt after getting so many 8/10s.

HDgamer3278d ago

It's a solid game that reviewers should actually take the time to play unlike destructoid. It's more than just shooting, it's about team work and leveling up like a lot of MMO's.

Gimped Hardware3278d ago

another AAA game to add to the PS3's already impressive portfollio.....

Haze,Lair etc