Folklore Preview

A mixture of horror and action, Folklore for PlayStation 3 boasts an intriguing combat system that has you drawing the spirits out of fallen enemies, and then using their abilities to supplement your own. Previously known as Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realm and is called Folks Soul: The Lost Folklore in Japan. Read on for more info.

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Silvanos4141d ago

I want to see in game video, but it looks pretty good.

gunnar29064141d ago

You can download the demo from PSN Japan and it is pretty easy.
The graphics in this game is perfect. It looks like a very good commputer-modelled cartoon.

Adriokor4141d ago

I am actually surprised how good it looks, hope the gameplay is good.

Adriokor4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

err double post

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4141d ago

Hope theres more to it then just Sixaxis gameplay.

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