Peter Moore: Sports key to 3D gaming's success

Peter Moore has predicted that sports will be the biggest driver of 3D gaming's growth - just as it will be for 3DTV.

Moore said EA Sports was "absolutely" looking into creating 3D content for PS3 - and that the innovation offered the video games industry "great opportunity".

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40cal3187d ago

MLB the Show 11 with 1:1 motion catpure and 3D.

I could see that turning into something special.

FishCake9T43187d ago

Yeah man MLB would be awesome with 3D. When a fly ball is popped up you see it coming down from the sky and into yourface. Or being a goalie in NHL 2011.

jalen2473187d ago

Glad to hear that EA sports is on board. This may be a differentiating factor for multi-console owners when buying multi-platform games.