Gear Up For Gran Turismo 5 With Racing Gear

With the ultimate driving simulator swiftly approaching this summer, Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 has millions waiting in anticipation. For GT5 fanatics who want to gear up for the PlayStation 3 exclusive racer, PlayStation LifeStyle has some racing kits which are sure to rev your engines!

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FishCake9T43403d ago

I got my GT wheel 1 mounth ago.
PS You need some good speakers to hear those V8's

PoSTedUP3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

i got mt GT wheel a few months back, but i feel that i need the racing seat to go with it because playing on a dinning room table chair and a foldable coffee table just dosent feel right, in fact it feels down right disgusting (except for the awesomeness of the GT force feedback)

my speakers are good, powered by a mccormick 0.5 solid state amp. paradigm floor speakers, nice sound. + a good 12" sub. T.V. is A-OK also

Sev3403d ago

I've been playing the GT Academy demo with my new 7.1 surround system, it's true. You really need some killer sound too to get the full experience.

user94220773403d ago

the $54.99 pre order for GT5 is a bargain

DoucheVader3403d ago

That wheel has come down in price.

ian723403d ago

I got my steering wheel (same as picture,GT) about 6 months ago ready for GT5. Been playing prologue and many other car games with it and it is an amazing wheel. Only cost me £60 from amazon delivered. Cant wait for GT5, day 1 purchase for me.

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