Lens of Truth: Dark Void Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "This week Lens of Truth puts Dark Void under our lens to see which version can escape the Bermuda Triangle and return as winner of this week's Head2Head. As always, Lens of Truth was able to find some differences between the two versions, so if you're interested in which version is worth taking the $60 plunge, watch the video and read on because you are in for quite a ride."

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Kiroe3404d ago

I have to agree that the PS3 version does look nicer. If they could only get the performance to match the same quality. Might be a bargain bin purchase, especially with all the AAA titles coming out over the next few months.

evildeli3403d ago

Capcom should have left this game on the shelf.

saraphina0173403d ago

The idea is interesting, but I which the style of gameplay was a little more consistent.

jalen2473403d ago

PS3 version has the better visuals.

I don't think people would care that one version has a better frame rate in a cut scene when both games have the same frame rate during game play.

ArthurLee3403d ago

The demo of this game was terrible! I couldn't help but think of Nathan Drake while playing either. If I was gonna get it, it'd be on the 360.