Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Coming Soon? A Neogaf user has apparently received the latest issue of the Dutch Playstation Magazine which contains an 8 page Final Fantasy XIII feature including a 2 page interview with Kitase. In the interview, Kitase discusses the failed simultaneous release Square previously aimed for as well as future plans for DLC.

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reintype3187d ago

Let me guess, this is the same one that was already running on the PS3 but was cut for some reason? If this isn't for free, and you are going to sell it to us, then FCUK U SE!!! I'm not buying you're stupid gimped game.

saint_john_paul_ii3187d ago

it was cut due to the fact that its a multiplatform game, they have to look at the lowest common denominator which is the 360. aka looking out for DVD9.

Enate3187d ago

Funny thing is I remember a month or so ago a story on n4g stating from SE that there would be no DLC for FFXIII. Now once again lie after lie, why should I believe anything that company has to say?First it was exclusive an then it wasn't, then it was only being currently developed on the PS3 an then a 360 demo shows up at E3. An then there was no DLC now there is talk of DLC?

execution173187d ago

thats what i was thinking, suppose i'm going to be skipping this game

lordgodalming3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I know everyone's blaming MS and the DVD9 format for DLC--especially after Square promised we would get the "complete" game on the disc--but I think I'll blame Yoichi Wada instead because he's an idiotic d-bag.

camachoreloaded88063186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

say it's a pretty damn long game with hours and hours of content. You're all acting like this deleted content would have made the game the perfect masterpiece. This kind of stuff does happen you know? Like deleted scenes from a movie, things have to be taken out sometimes. From the reviews I've seen, people seem to think the game is very good, and that's without this deleted content that everyone keeps complaining about. I could swear that more than half these games released nowadays have some for of DLC available in the future, so what the hell's the big deal?

Ehh, whatever. Like I always say to the people whining about this: Don't buy it! Millions of other people, including me, will enjoy it, no one cares if you miss out! You obviously aren't a fan and don't deserve to play the game if you're always going to complain about deleted content and it's multiplatform status.

lordgodalming3186d ago

I've had this preordered for weeks now. :) And I promise I will buy even the lamest DLC mission packs that Square can come up with (I will draw the line at new costumes thought).

I have nothing but love for FFXIII. It's Wada I can't stand. He's doing to Square Enix what The Spirits Within did to Final Fantasy movies.

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gtamike1233187d ago

You mean the things cut from the PS3 Blu Ray version cause of the 360 OLD GEN DVD holding parts/areas of the game back?

FiftyFourPointTwo3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

bu-bu-bu-bu-but blu-ray isnt needed... am I right, X-Fools?

snowb4203187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Did the old Square Soft ever worry about how many disc's they used on the PS1? If not, I wonder why they are now for XIII. That is of course if it is actually the stuff they had running on the PS3, but had to cut.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Development costs are much higher than those from back in the day... Why do you think FFXIII is going to be released on the X360? Plus they need to pay additional royalties to MS for each additional disc and that not only ruined the game but it increase the development cost too.

But instead of adding another disc to the X360 version and waste even more money paying for the royalties to include all this content they will gain even more money offering it as DLC because on top of the $60 for the game now they will sell the DLC to X360 and PS3 owners. This is a win-win situation for Square but a really bad one for FF fans and the consumer in general.

Now we have a gimped and heavily casualized FF game with no towns, NPC, sidequests, etc. You can't even go back to the areas you already visited once and to make things even worse... EACH LEVEL HAS A LIMIT CAP!

Unicron3187d ago

Interest in FFXIII falling fast...

Michael-Jackson3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Are you calling this a action RPG? but your restricted to freely move during battle and you only control one character so.....

And yes it's going to get very mixed reviews. Its going to sell very well, I think that's all SE cares about these days, J/K.

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