PS3 vs 360: Product Reviews Matthew Gough Chooses PS3

Matthew Reports:

I keep coming across these PS3 vs 360 arguments though which are of course pointless but almost more fascinating than the consoles themselves.

As it stands for me I reckon getting the PS3 will turn out to be a wise decision. But I can't help thinking I should've bought a 360 just to plug the yawning gap between PS2 ownership and PS3. Especially if I'd known in advance just how long I'd have to wait.

However I reckon I'd have been ultimately disappointed. Seems like the best MS has to offer are FPS with too short a story, though great to look at.

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Bill Gates4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Only and IDIOT would pick the 360.


CyberSentinel4139d ago

"MS fanboys’ I believe the term is can take comfort from the fact that I, a PS3 owner, am wondering if I made an unwise choice. Did I have too much faith in Sony? Did I just assume that the PS2 being epic meant that the PS3 was the automatic next choice? Am I in fact biased myself against the great MS empire and its evil doings and thus blinded to the brilliance of the 360?"

Blind Lemmings, Open Your Eyes.

toughNAME4139d ago

jesus christ this kids an idiot

MoonDust4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Loser for the rest of his life.
Edit: LMAO he switches names and agrees with himself. New sad level.

kingofps34139d ago


PSTripleOG4139d ago

Yawn, this is boring. Really stupid. I own all 3 and love all 3. Whats so bad about the PS3, 360 and wii. They are all great hahahahahahahahaha Give this up, its boring ha. pie?

PlayStation3604139d ago

I feel your anger, but calling someone a "retard" is going over board. You have been reported. I know you may not think it's too offensive, but it is bro.

@Bill Gates
Bro seriously, I know you feel very strongly towards your PS3. But saying everyone who buys a 360 is an idiot is just plain ignorant, sorry for the insult. An xbox enthusiast can say the same thing about the PS3. It has less games and is not beating the 360 in sells at this point. Does that mean he's right? Absolutely not, that just means he's just as ignorant. Each system has it's own great points, period. I do not agree on how CyberSentinel, tough, and MoonDust responded to you, but I do agree with their anger. I love my PS3, I play it more than my 360, and I have a longer wishlist for the PS3. But the 360 is in no way inferior.

MoonDust4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

He acts like a ass he will be treated like one. Bro.
BTW: Thanks for letting me know you reported me, hope that made you feel good about it.

PlayStation3604139d ago

Yeah it made me feel good repoting you. Made me feel like a big man. LOL jk bro. No seriously, I just think calling someone a "retard" is as bad as calling someone a "Fa***t" or a "Ni**er". But thats just my opinion. Anyways, I haven't been on this site long, few months I guess, so I don't really know how bad Gates is. I apologize if I made you feel some kind of animosity towards me for reporting you. But come on bro, no one deserves to be called that,......well....unless gates says this kind of stuff alot just because he's really mean and he wants to get under peoples skin. In that case, handle your business. But like I said, I haven't been here long, I don't know how he is.

MoonDust4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

He does it every time. Click on his name and see. It's cool tho, i shouldn't even be responding to their post it's kind of pointless. Sorry if i offended you by using that word.

AngryTypingGuy4139d ago

"So many great games, so little time", says the 360 owner.

"Such a shiny system, but no friggin' games", says the PS3 owner.

Numbers don't lie. On, the 360 has more game rated 8.0 or greater than the PS3 has games, period.

Intelligent gamers own 360s.

True Gamer King4139d ago

Coudn't agree more. I was just about to say the same thing until I saw your post. Tg=he only game game the PS3 has that I would wan't to play that the 360 doesn't have is Lair and it's not even out yet. The 360 has so many more good games already out and a lot more coming, expecially between July andthe end of the year. (Two Worlds, Mass Affect, Too Human, Bioshock, Halo 3, Assassins Creed). And there's more those are just at my top. This will be a great next 6 months.

witchking4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Have any of you considered that these types of things get posted because the web site owners are bored?

"Hey, we haven't seen a good flame war lately, let's find something -- no matter how obscure -- and throw it out there and watch all the fanboys flame each other!"
"Great idea! I didn't feel like writing my nineteenth article about my E3 predictions anyway."

All that being said, why does this debate even exist? Both consoles have their strengths and their weaknesses. I buy a console when I feel I'm getting value out of my investment. For the 360, it was a no-brainer. My friends play online; we play Gears & Rainbow mostly. Am I getting $400 and $50/year (Xbox Live subscription) worth of value out of it? Absolutely. When you add the single player games like Oblivion, the sports games (hockey, golf), Crackdown, Guitar Hero II, GRAW, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, etc etc etc then the console has been an incredible value. My brother lives half a country away, but we get together at least once a week to play online. So the 360 has been wonderful.

I will undoubtedly buy a PS3 eventually. It just hasn't reached its value return for me yet. No one I know has one, so there's no online "hey my friends are playing Resistance" kind of thing going on, and there aren't enough compelling single player games (yet) to warrant throwing down $600. I'm hoping -- like everyone else who hasn't bought one yet -- that Sony will reduce the price. I want Blu-Ray; I want to play Ratchet & Clank, Lair (please please please let this be a great dragon game, for once!), God of War III and undoubtedly other exclusives that will warrant the purchase. Just not yet.

So is one better than the other. No! Have fun, for chrissakes. This is our hobby.

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big_tim4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

he is not happy with any of them. So his opinion is "moot".

Thanks devi8i

devi8i4139d ago

I think you meant moot. Not mute..

kspraydad4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

and why do we care what his opinion is?

We are posting anonymous blog comments now? He is in this thread as user name "fingers crossed"


Lucidmantra4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

I asked that myself when i read the heading... LOL

But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But saying some of the stuff he does about BLURAY "Reason I like Blu Ray over HD DVD; because its blue, nice"; and " Ratchet and Clank looks to be a massive laugh. Some other stuff has potential exclusive or not. " and other comments mean that he is a fan of the franchises that Sony carry and as such he will be very happy with his PS3. Best Wishes..

But trying to use the fact that BLURAY is blue to blue intergrity within your arguement is probibly not a good start. ALl in all he made a good point about the situation without the following statements:

Only and IDIOT would pick the 360.


drtysouf214139d ago

its that simple. Does someone have to be an actual payed editor for us to read his opinion. Obviously Product Reviews the website didn't think so. Much worse has been posted here.

kspraydad4139d ago

Yes...much lamer has been posted and it is SUPPOSED to be the approver's job to put a stop to it...not perpetuate it and flood N4G with crap.

Now look at the commentary left here...hooray...more flame bait on N4G...great reading.

drtysouf214139d ago

says in the article but even if it was considered flaimbait those that like it will join in it and those that don't will stay away. People have a choice of what they read here and they have a choice of whether to comment or not. No one is forcing them to.

kspraydad4139d ago

is to bring Quality NEWS and INFO and INFORMED opinion ie...not some anonymous comment off a blog comment area...not QUANTITY. People here seemed to focused on contributing 100+ stories a day instead of 10 GOOD stories.

Anyway...I've had enough exposure to the poor approval process (people absolutely not sticking to N4G's guidelines as to what should get on this site) to know it isn't for me...

drtysouf214139d ago

everyone is entitled to their opinion including you. I have posted some things on here that didn't follow guidelines perfectly and the admins have approved it. So obviously some things are ok.

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IBLEEDBLU4139d ago

you would have to be a tard ball to pick a 360 over a PS3

MoonDust4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

how sad.

LeonSKennedy4Life4138d ago

Batman sucks...

...Spider-man would KILL him.

PS3 rules dude. Go buy a PS3 and a 360...look at the line-up of games for the next year or so...then decide. See which one you choose.

It won't be the me.

nobizlikesnowbiz4139d ago

You'd have to be a smelly bag of diapers to buy a $600 paperweight.

See I can do that too.

WafflesID4139d ago


;) heh j/k I wanted to play too...

weekapaugh4139d ago

"You'd have to be a smelly bag of diapers to buy a $600 paperweight."

good point, with the add-ons the 360 is $600.

ImWithStupid4139d ago

started outdoing you cragraphics360 from day one, the only ones that disagree are str8 up fanboys who can't stand the fact that their mighty microsuck has been outdone AGAIN by a smaller company.

True Gamer King4139d ago

First off weekapaugh don't buy the accessories if you don't want to spend the money, thats why Mrosoft gives you that choice, unlike Sony who forces you to pay. Second ImWithStupid I havn't seen one game on the PS3 that has had better graphics than what the 360 has deliverd, every game comparison that I have seen the 360 has won. So you are either delusional or your blowing smoke ou of your @ss. So you can either be happy living in that little delusional world Sony has you living in our you can deal with the fact that your precious PS3 can't keep up with the 360 not just grahics wise but all around.

LeonSKennedy4Life4138d ago

Wait...FNR3, Oblivion, and Armored Core 4 don't look better on the PS3. I guess my home entertainment setup is lying to me then...and all the reviewers that said they look better on the PS3.

Dude...disregard what's out NOW...and look at the future. The PS3 has a WAY better lineup through 2010. Even through 2007!!! Maybe GOW and Dead Rising can hold YOU GUYS off forever...but I'm looking for MORE GAMES!

I don't respect the gaming division at Microsoft...that's why I dislike the 360. Yes, it has good games...but not NEAR the capabilities or future lineup of the PS3.

Can't I get that through any of your thick skulls?

You people aren't're sellouts to the highest bidder!

MS doesn't give you an OPTION by selling all these accessories...that HD-DVD add-on SUCKS if you didn't know, the wireless adapter costs more than it should, and i'm not paying 100 bucks for a 20 gig HDD when I could install a 350 gig INTERNAL harddrive in my PS3 for the same price!

Having OPTIONS isn't always the best way to go...

San anto4138d ago

microsuck lmfao....
ps3 ftw

True Gamer King4138d ago

See now that's Sonys problem they made a machine that has potential, and potential means time. 2010 is a long ways away you can go ahead and wait that long for what ever games you clame are going to come out, if you want; but what about the 2 and half years between then, then what are you going to be doing. The 360 will continue have great games with great graphics from beggining to end. Also by 2010 or 2011 most likly new consoles will be coming out so it will be a little to late. Sorry to dissapoint you but it's true, 5-6 years I believe is the average time that consoles are out until they are replaced by the next generation of consoles.

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