Are BioWare Games Getting Stale? - IncGamers Column

IncGamers' Tim McDonald investigates whether or not champion developer BioWare is stuck in a a structural rut, whether or not this is a problem, and what can be done about it if so.

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AndyA3276d ago

Brave article considering all the Mass Effect 2 love. Makes some good points, IMO.

Leord3276d ago

Was gonna say the same thing, but you beat me to it.

In this case I think it's as easy as just seeing what we got.


solidt123276d ago

Mass Effect 2 is the most incredible RPG I have ever played so I disagree.

Double Toasted3276d ago

...start to diminish, then yeah, its time to try something new-if not then I would tell everyone to f*ck off...yeah.

Redlogic3276d ago

Bioware games are my most anticipated and the sole reason I still have my 360. There is still plenty of refinement to their craft that they can make, but I can't imagine them ever getting stale. Just don't milk your franchises and you will be ok Bioware!

ryuzu3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

You don't play many RPGs? I think it's a stretch to say greatest ever on the basis of 1 day of play unless you've never played any top RPGs before...


Tony P3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Well, every game has staples. It's only natural that over time these staples can become less interesting and more predictable.

I think BioWare's pretty good with mixing it up though and responding to what's become tiresome. Overall, I don't think any of their games are "cookie cutter".

@Rush: There are JRPGs and there are WRPGs. The W does not mean the States. It is just a general term for the many RPGs made primarily in Europe and North America. If you want to get technical, BioWare's RPGs are mostly Canadian-made.

Rush3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Well Mass Effect (Haven't played 2) is the only American RPG I have ever completed, I don't like American RPG's nearly as much a JRPG's. I guess am abit of a JRPG fanboy but Mass Effect keeping my attention long enough for me to complete it (I didn't replay it) speaks for its self in my books.

If this game improves on the first in ever way like most reviews say then I may go out and buy it. Which for me if it ain't a JRPG is a very rare occasion.

The only games I have completed outside of JRPG's this gen are,

Mass Effect
Halo 3 (yes I enjoy halo don't all gangbang me)
Valkyria chronicles

So my list as a gamer is fairly shallow

This ain't some fanboy article the same guy reviewed the game scoring it a 9.6, he's simply asking a question don't be so quick to jump to conclusions not everything is part of your pathetic console warz.

moneybuyseverything3276d ago

When the games are not on PS3 ;)

Spag10913276d ago

Have you played ME or ME2? RPGs have been my favorite and most played genre since 1992 and the original Mass Effect was up there at the top of my list. It's now been replaced by ME2, obviously. I dont want to pick favorites, but its definitely the best RPG I've played since the turn of the century. I highly suggest giving it a playthrough. However, if you're not obsessed with astronomy like I am, maybe you wont enjoy it as much as I do lol.

I only wish it came out for PS3 =(. My laptop overheats sometimes!

NickIni3276d ago

Bioware is my favourite developers of all time, by quite a distance as well. For quite awhile all I used to play were Bioware PC RPGs.

After seeing their recent work in the forms of Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins the company most certainly hasn't lost any quality in their games.

Digitaldude3276d ago

This is the same as Bethesda. Fallout 3 and Oblivion use the same mechanics.
And western people say JRPGs are stale and haven't evolved.
Well it seems that RPGs in general are in the boat.

cayal3276d ago

Bioware has been money with their games. Whenever they announce something I early look forward to it.

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Maticus3276d ago

But it's such a GOOD rut to be stuck in!

Seriously, though. If they've found a formula that works, and it clearly does, stick with it I say.

AndyA3276d ago

But for how long? As he says in the article, it does become possible to predict how a game is going to play out, especially the narrative.

Maticus3276d ago

I'm not saying that all future games should be the same, they always tweak how it works slightly by all accounts. I've only played KOTOR and am halfway through Dragon Age at the moment, though.

Fyzzu3276d ago

Yeah, I was torn on reading this too. I like their style a lot, but it's hard to deny that the games have a lot of similarities.

Leord3276d ago

Sometimes you just want the good stuff, so what if it's a bit predictable. :)

Now, I'm not saying ME2 is predictable, but I'm just saying, it not necessarily bad.

lonestarmt3276d ago

I agree, but what makes me mad is there is totally a double standard. Yes bioware games are different than JRPGs, yet all of there games have very much the same formula, style, and things mentioned in the article. The same people who just said what you did, will turn around and complain how "final fantasy" or JRPGS are all the same and need to "change". In reality, it works both ways. Maybe the real reason you don't like is your tastes, not that its too "predictable."

Tony P3276d ago

Well, that is not a double standard actually.

That is the flawed contrasting of an entire genre with *one* company assumed to represent all WRPGs.

But in all honestly, I'm not too comfortable completely agreeing with either side since I like both.

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Raf1k13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

He does have a point.

I guess that's the problem with a formula that works so well. Anyone could end up using it a little too much.

edit: I think with developers like Bioware, journalists writing articles like this is good because they do take it on board.

Malfurion3276d ago

Agreed - as good as ME2 sounds, if people are pretty sure of the storyline/plot twists ahead of time, that's not great.

Maticus3276d ago

Well, we'll just measure the 'staleness' by the game's success/failure I guess ^ ^

Fyzzu3276d ago

A successful game is one that sells well, and selling well tends to have more to do with marketing and hype than game quality :p Look at Peter Molyneux's stuff - Black & White, anyone?

ps360owner093276d ago

A successful game is one that gets solid review scores by the critics, a game that is respected by other developers in the indsustry, a game that accomplishes whatever vision the developers have, and a game that is loved by video game fans which results in good sales. Going by those definitions bioware has been successful for years.

creeping judas3276d ago

For me anyways, I love Mass Effect2, but did not love or like Dragon Age that much.

Malfurion3276d ago

Maybe it's just down to the genre you prefer. Personally Dragon Age was one of the best games I've ever played IMO - I didn't like the first ME game that much, although I haven't tried ME2 yet, obviously.

Ether3276d ago

I actually LOVED Dragon Age. It was the first Bioware RPG I played, and they've gained my respect.

Not gonna lie, I'd be thrilled to be able to play Mass Effect on my PS3. It looks brilliant.

ryuzu3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


If you've played Dragon Age then you've basically played ME2 also - they're pretty much identical in terms of overall structure and approach - only difference is setting. So instead of lightning bolt from a wand, you've got a bullet shaped bolt from a gun.

Oh and the graphics are better in Dragon Age.

If you have access to an Xbox 1 or even a crappy PC you can play KOTOR - that's basically the same too.


darx3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Is that a typo?

Budg3tG4m3r3276d ago

Did he just say Dragon Age has better graphics than Mass Effect 2? Dude clean the gunk from those glasses.

ps360owner093276d ago

Don't listen to ryuzu he is a troll that has been trying to downplay how good the mass effect series is on the 360 and the pc. I can tell you that if you love good stories in rpg's then you can always look forward to a bioware game because they consistently deliver. I have Mass Effect which is more sci fi and Dragon Age which is more fantasy and they feel completely different gameplay and story wise. I don't see how someone could say they are similar. It would be like someone comparing star wars/star trek to lord of the rings even though sci fi and fantasy has some similarities they have noticeable differences that make them unique. And ryuzu lied when he said dragon age looks better because if you look at the pc requirements for both games mass effect 2 is higher since it is running off of a newer graphics engine.

creeping judas3276d ago

I grew up on pen and paper dungeons and dragons, I was convinced I would love Dragon Age. I guess the story just did't grab me is all??

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