Andriasang: Sony Motion Controller Gets 10 Titles This Year

Nikkei has a short report on Sony's upcoming motion controller device. The one piece of new information in the report is that Sony will release "around 10 or so" titles for the device within the year. Included among the titles will be sports and pet raising games.

Sony announced last week that its motion device will be released in the Fall rather than the originally announced Spring time frame. The company did not share a list of software, but promised a robust lineup.

The main point of the Nikkei report was on Sony and Microsoft's accelerating plans to offer products with additional functionality. For Sony, the site made note of the Motion Controller. For Microsoft, rather than Natal, the site mentioned exclusive distribution of anime video for popular titles; this is presumably in reference to the anime clip that Capcom will be including exclusively with the 360 version of Super Street Fighter IV.

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vhero3185d ago

Title is misleading it wont get ten titles. Sony themselves are releasing 10 titles this does not obviously include 3rd party games like EA sports Active which has been announced and Resident Evil 5 remake.

Kain813185d ago is miss-informing

Xeoset3185d ago

Honestly, Sony need to pull out 10 amazing games and not treat this peripheral how they treated others, ala the EyeToy.

It needs serious support, not games like EyeToy play and also correct impleme... I just realised you can't implement the wand into the current scheme.

Shame the camera is essentially a webcam too, the Z axis would have come in handy =/