God of War 3 versus Dantes Inferno HD screenshot comparison

GB writes: "2010 is easily one of the biggest and the best years in video games industry. The amount and the quality of games which are due in 2010 are just amazing and God of War 3 is one of the most anticipated games of this generation. Even though it looks like Kratos will be chopping off every single game out there, Dante's Inferno is one of the games that we at GamingBolt could potentially upset God of War's empire. We at GamingBolt decided to a screen shot comparison of the two games."

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THE MAX SPEED 213404d ago

LOL.Do we really need a Screenshot comparison between the two?

GoW3 looks better obviously.

hay3404d ago

It's funny they compare GoW in-game Kratos with rendered Dante in first comparison, yet Kratos wins.

Also in point 4 GoW's dark screenie with Dante's flashy stuff. It's obvious that people are bought like animals, with flashies and shinies.

Dumb comparison IMO showing hardly similar scenes and comparing them.

Darkeyes3404d ago

No offense to DI, but after playing the demo, it frankly looks like something thats come out of Kratoses rear end... Really, it looks PS2ish in some parts actually. GOW3 visually slaughters DI. That E3 demo itself looks a lot better, imagine the new build screen and then compare it to DI... No competition.

mjolliffe3404d ago

Kratos will always be king.

ryuzu3404d ago

I lol'd in the DI demo when he started firing Crucifixes.... This is a parody of beat em ups not a real game... Still tickles me now - like an episode of South Park.


Hanif-8763404d ago

Most of Dante Inferno pics are CG anyways so this comparison fails!

darthv723404d ago

god of war is a great franchise that will be concluding with the 3rd game. Dante inferno is just beginning and could have potential to be like god of war if people give it a chance.

Similarities aside, both games look to be fun in their own right. GoW centered around greek mythology and DI around the crusades. It is obvious the creators of DI used GoW as the blueprint and while it may be a copy, what better game to copy than GoW.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The devs behind GoW should feel honored that their creation has garnered a following enough to justify clone(s).

Stop with all the hate.

As far as screens go...gow2 really improved over gow1 so it should be safe to say that DI 2 will be better than DI 1. GoW3 is great and for DI to look as it does now only means it will get better over time like GoW did.

joydestroy3404d ago

the demo froze my PS3 after the first battle and i never tried to play it again. GoW3 FTW!

Montrealien3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Without any doupt, GoW 3 looks better then the first ones, has the gameplay evolved also? I can`t wait for it.

As for the article, its rubish, let the games come out and let people judge it for themselves. Feeding the people that think the games are sports teams does not help the industry, or the online gaming community as a whole at all.

Rush3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

GoW 3 slaughters it no surprise there, Although it doesn't mean all that much to be because I simply don't like action game I have ever liked is Devil May Cry (not the series just the first game).

Gran Touring3404d ago

"...the winner here is God of War 3 and it was not surprising."

took the words straight out of my mouth

darthv723404d ago

the whole infamous vs prototype comparison.

Infamous = exclusive = dedicated time and effort
Prototype = multiplatform = balanced time and effort

No surprise here with Gow3 and DI. Why can't people like both? Is that such a crime?

UnwanteDreamz3404d ago

I know where these two games rate for me at the momment and it looks like this.

GoW3 = Day 1
DI = Rental

BasilMarceaux3404d ago

In the pics, they look pretty much on par. But I played both demos and DI looks really pixelated and low-res. Why is that?

GOW3 FTW, but I'm also a little pumped for DI.

marinelife93404d ago

This should be funny. Yeah I'll click on the link.

DatNJDom813404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

"Even though it looks like Kratos will be chopping off every single game out there, Dante's Inferno is one of the games that we at GamingBolt could potentially upset God of War's empire."


"But overall, the winner here is God of War 3 and it was not surprising."

Listen im not knocking Dante's Inferno since I plan on getting it, but seriously........... You know the 360 only dudes will start with the "Dante's Inferno looks better, story is better, Bayonetta looks and is better blah blah blah......."

Oh wait too late.........

likedamaster3404d ago

The author was reaching in the first pic comparison... DE's looks way better and much more detailed. In gameplay however... Gow has a slight edge.

3404d ago
Dtoxz3404d ago

Internet Explorer at work, cant even open the webite. Lol, probably better off. I have the demo for both and God of War 3 is 10X more impressive looking. Not to mention plays better, is more epic and stunning in EVERY way.

FamilyGuy3404d ago

I DID enjoy the fight against Death in the Dantes Inferno demo. It was really well done and visually pleasing but that was about it.

As far as God of War clones are concerned, I'm pretty interested in how Castlevania - Lord of Shadows turns out.

Kleptic3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

played the demo of DI finally earlier today...Story and art wise...I think its going to be a pretty good game...I had to read The Divine Comedy in college, and it seems the game could have an awesome adaptation of it...

but visually...not even the demo of both, you can see why so many are making such a big deal out of GOWIII's visuals...the scene in DI where dante finds his wife sworded in the courtyard...where its pre-rendered than cuts to gameplay...gow II seriously looks better than that, there are parts of DI that look significantly better, but is obviously a balanced multi-plat compared to gowIII...

those who haven't played any gow games will probably find the gameplay of DI pretty awesome...but it was simply too much of a direct rip-off for me to get past...EVERYTHING is lifted right out of gow...the mana, the souls, even the little health bar thing in the corner of the screen...i'm sure there are some differences with upgrades and magic later on in the game...but its so similar it seems like it should be illegal being that Santa Monica Studios didn't make it...

ThanatosDMC3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I know! When did he have the powers to forgive sins?! Beyond me. I was like "the f**k is this?"

What i hated about the demo or i guess it'll be in the game is that you can block perfectly just by holding it. Also, it felt really really slow.

Also, the basic combo was copied from DMC1. You can see the double upward slashes. <-- not on DMD mode Alastor doing too much damage in DT. Also Vergil didnt start spamming his Spirit Swords or whatever you call 'em when he lost 3/4 of his life.

Hmmm... DI looks like a PS2 game.

SilentNegotiator3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

That's one of those half-concept art things where everything but the character models are concept art shopped together (The GOW3 pick), Not a gameplay screen! He's not even fighting it in the right location.
GOW3 looks much better than that old concept art.

Awful comparison, filled with DI non-in-game media and old GOW3 concept screens. FAIL.

jack_burt0n3404d ago

lol sums it up really inferno pre rendered images dont match upto gow 3 in game

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893403d ago

by comparing gow 3 to dantes inferno there just making dantes inferno look bad. im playing the gow collection first time playing gow, i had a xbox 1 instead of ps2 way back in the day. the gow series is insane i just cant believe theres people saying gow games arent that long like im playing it on easy cuz i wanna do it fast cuz im on a time constraint and its like its a never ending game just keeps going and going. a gamer definately wont finish the gow games feeling like they got played.....playing the gow collection is getting me so hyped for the 3rd i suggest anybody not sure about gow if they exist lol go rent or buy the gow collection ur decision will become clear reall fast. gow 3 = perfection......i have no doubt in my mind its going to leave me very satisfied after.....its a shame im poor these days else id buy it , but im pretty sure renting it brings money to the developers cuz the more demand for rentals the more video places buy the game right....correct me if im wrong isnt renting a lesser but effective way to showing your support to the developers......any who please stop the dantes inferno vs gow 3 its just unnecessary......its like comparing uncharted 2 to tomb raider on the ps2......maybe the have the same game mechanics in a way but one has perfected it with hard work the other is just getting started ....also i hope they keep making gow after the 3rd maybe make a prequel or anything gow is epic.....and they really should make a movie itd be awesome. maybe made by the same director who did the movie 300...haha a gow fan has just beeen made in 3 days lol ill i did was play the collection lol

Red Panda3403d ago

This is going to be the funnest game yet this gen. If it plays out like the first two it will probably be my favorite experience throughout the remainder of it as well. I get gassy Im so friggin excited. Seriously, I just toot when someone says kratos.

badz1493403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

I'm on the same boat dude! just played the collection and Platinumed both games I'm a HUGE fan already! although I've got to play with CoO on PSP, I didn't finish it because my bro took my PSP to college! GoW 1&2 are awesome games and while playing, I was thinking "why the hell did I missed these 2 games when I had my PS2?!" but I'm glad now that I've played both (in HD too :P) and am eagerly waiting for 3!

on topic, any comparison of these 2 games are seriously unnecessary IMO! I'm not saying that because I'm saying GoW will crush DI (although it is, based on the demos), it's not like we're comparing exclusives! this comparison is like trying to imply that DI is exclusive to one console or just trying to say "you don't need GoW, just play DI" kinda thing which is STUPID! there are rooms for both games on the market and it's nice to have more varieties! I love GoW to death and I admit it but I'm willing to play DI albeit being touted as a rip-off of GoW because it has a totally different stories and if it's any good! (reviews matters a bit to me in this department)

sikbeta3403d ago

God of War 3 > Everything

And NOT Just for The Graphics

Saaking3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Not this again. Fact: GOWIII will looks better than any multiplat. FACT: PS3 owners can play all of them so why should we care?

I'll rent Dante's on whatever system it looks better, and buy GOWIII day one. Dante's simply cannot compare. And seriously, I'm getting tired of 360 fans using multiplats as if they're exclusive. It's pathetic.

FACTUAL evidence3403d ago

It's sad how GOW3 looks good as the CG in dante's inferno.

frostypants3403d ago

This is like comparing a Camaro to a Porsche. One is so superior to the other as to make the comparison absolutely pointless.

"Dante's Inferno is one of the games that we at GamingBolt could potentially upset God of War's empire". What? Once again, GamingBolt displays the editing skills of a 4th grader writing a book report.

pixelsword3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

To me, DI is the new Castlevania; the in-game graphics on the demo were incredible and the fighting was top-notch. Compared to the GoW III demo though, isn't really fair because DI gets whomped hardcore when you do.

The New GoW, is GoW III.

Rampant3403d ago

Sony better market the sht out of God of War III, because if the super bowl-ad for DI turns out great, they will lose a lot of sale to EA because DI drops a few weeks earlier.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893403d ago

i like how there is 1 person on this article disagreeing with everyone......dantes inferno QTE felt like gow 1's QTE.......its gunna need a sequel to iron it its a complete rip off......its probably the biggest rip off ive ever seen to be honest......if it wasnt for the crappy QTE and highly inferior graphics( difference between ingame and CG is staggering ) id think that game was gow lol..

3403d ago
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The Meerkat3404d ago

I thought GOW3 would easily win.

But its much closer than many N4G regulars would like to admit.

I've never managed to play any GOW games, so I plan to get all three and play them back to back.

NateNater3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Just play any God of War game, even GoW: Chains of Olympus on PSP, and you'll find that no game can compare to it; not even Dante's Inferno.

Dante's Inferno tries to replicate it and I'll admit it that when I played the demo it did feel a lot like GoW and was almost as much fun but its still is not on the same level as GoW.

Guido3404d ago

In the genre of hack-n-slash games is to prove to us that you are a silly fanboy that knows nothing of the GOW series. Each is a spectacle of graphical prowess for its current system and has any respectable gamer pickling up their jaw and wiping the drool off their chin.

bacon133404d ago

"I've never managed to play any GOW games"

It boggles my mind that people who love and play video games haven't run through the GoW games yet. What the hell are you waiting for!

Sarcasm3404d ago

"But its much closer than many N4G regulars would like to admit.

I've never managed to play any GOW games, so I plan to get all three and play them back to back.


That's like saying "Mustangs are just as fast as Camaros than the regulars would like to admit... I've never ever been in a Mustang."

You see the Irony?

Ok... The GoWIII demo which is like what, 8-9 months old is still light years beyond the Dante's Inferno game. When I played the DI demo, it felt more like GoWII for the PS2! And even then, GoWII from the collection still looks better in some aspects.

moneybuyseverything3404d ago

GOW3 graphics are being hyped up much the way MAG graphics were hyped. I guess this camp thinks if they yell something enough it will be true and people will believe them.

Guido3404d ago

*siren sounds*

Ignorant gamer alert!

divideby03404d ago

^ "never managed to play any GOW games"...stopped reading a comment someone knows nothing about

Mista T3404d ago

lol MAG graphics were never hyped

nycredude3404d ago

Meerkat and every other 360 only owner trying to play down GOW 3.

Keep trying to trick your brain into thinking you don't need GOW 3 because Dante's Inferno is just as good. Fact is GOW 3 will be better in every way and the only way you will experience it is to buy a Ps3.

Dante's Inferno, although is a decent enough game can and will never measure up to GOW. Heck the demo isn't even as good as GOW 1 and 2 collection! LOL

lovestospoodge3404d ago


i don't recall anyone claiming that MAG's gfx were gonna be great, and you realize there's enough proof that GOWIII's gfx will be amazing..

thewhoopimen3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

stop with the ignorant stealth trolling...

1st image comparison was between in-game (GOW3) and CGI

4th image rock demon in Dante's could've easily been compared to the Titan swatting Helios in Gow3.
One look and you know what molten lava should look like pouring out of the cracks in a rock monster's body. Molten lava glows And here's another hint if that wasn't sufficent, it ain't dante's by a mile.

darthv723404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I dont think 360 only gamers are wanting to downplay GoW as much as they are glad to see a GoW type of game on the 360.

You figure, YES there will never be GoW on the 360 but that doesnt mean there cant be copy cats. While having the original is preferred, sometimes you have to go with a knockoff. So far the PS3 exclusives that have had knockoffs that 360 gamers can play are Prototype (think infamous) and this dante inferno. Maybe a few others as well.

I am sure they would love to have the real thing. Aside from actually getting a PS3 they have to deal with what they got. Their loss...perhaps but we don't need to rub their faces in it.

I am also reminded of similar tactics back in the Genesis/SNES days. Genesis gamers wanted Final Fight and Street Fighter which (for a while) were exclusive to the SNES. Sega tried to answer that with Street of Rage and Eternal Champions. Both may have started off as nothing more than a rip off but they developed into their own followings with sequels (need some resurection of SoR for next gen hint hint SEGA) and got better each time.

A game most 360 fans still clamour for is MGS4. They may or may not ever get that game like PS3 fans wanting gears or mass effect. Nothing wrong with getting something similar though. You never know, sometimes these knock offs turn out to be quite good in their own right.

Jsynn73404d ago

He's waiting for the GoW games to come out on the 360. Hold your breathe on that one.

bjornbear3404d ago

"But its much closer than many N4G regulars would like to admit. "

and then

"I've never managed to play any GOW games"

badz1493403d ago

gfx of MAG hyped? at least provide a link of proof before you even try to say something like that! in reality it was never hyped! it was only said to be "good enough" for such a massive game when people were trying to downplay the graphic based on the beta! I'll help you with the bubbles. I know you don't even need them!

sikbeta3403d ago

"I've never managed to play any GOW games, so I plan to get all three and play them back to back"

Excuse me but, WTH are you doing HERE lol

Man, if you're an xbox owner, Go Play ME2, is an Amazing Game, so don't waste your time here cuz is SAD

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Aclay3404d ago

God of War 3 definitely looks better... played the GOW3 demo and it's clearly better looking than the Dante's demo to me.

Several of these God of War 3 screens are pics that were released around Last Summer (E3 demo build), and all the pics have been scaled down (including the Dante's pics) because they are 1024 x 512... I have ALL of these GOW3 screens on my laptop in 1280 x 720, and the screens look better than what's shown.

I don't want to even see another GOW3 graphics comparison until all the screens they use are from the newer build: or until after both games have been released... using scaled down pics for comparisons like this one is just lame.

movements3404d ago

God of War all the time!!

NYC_Gamer3404d ago

well ps3 owners can buy both :)