Gaming & Apple iTablet

Today the iTablet will come out from apple, and how will it impact gaming and gaming such as Diablo 3, World of Warcraft & Starcraft?

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EvilJoey3187d ago

This was a waste of time...
This Ipad is a giant i pod touch...
Cant even say i phone.. yea u can get 3g for it at an 130$ more per unit but... Still no Phone or Camera.. So

What exactly do you think you could play on this?
as much as we would all love a touch screen Wow or Diablo ... its not happening on anything from apple... the specs on this thing are worse than the computer i played diablo 2 on nearly 10 years ago...

Short of an App that lets u Post wow auctions or check ur wow mail...
U will not be doing anything blizzard related with it.

You would be lucky to play PsP quality games on it.

3186d ago