Rumored PS Store Content for 01/28/10

PSLS writes:

This week North America will finally get Hustle Kings. Thexder Neo will also hit the PlayStation Store. North America is still waiting on Blue Toad Murder Files, while it's already been announced that EU will be getting yet another episode come Feb. 25th. This week we're also getting some interesting DLC for 2 of 2009's biggest hits, Assassin's Creed II and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

In just 2 weeks time the much anticipated Heavy Rain demo will hit the store, so this drought of demos is surely coming to an end.

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guitarded773399d ago

Finally looking good again.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3399d ago

Anybody know the price on Hustle Kings?

dustgavin3399d ago

Sweet! Picking up Hustle Kings for sure.

FACTUAL evidence3399d ago

Loving those UC2 skinss!!! But Sony, where the freak are the avatars!?!? LBP can't last us a whole year...can we have some diversity within the avatars!? Everyone's sporting the same dam avi's again...this is getting ridiculous now.

Rush3399d ago

I honestly don't care am on strike on the PSN store until I get Final Fantasy 8, my mate told me its coming feb 4th...

Am just to annoyed with Europe getting Disney games like Monsters Inc or Winnie the Poo as PS1 classics

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doctorstrange3399d ago

Definitely looking forward to the ACII DLC

Chris3993399d ago

You know, for those of us with a Go. Great device, but get with the software side of things already, Sony. Part of a digital revolution is, you guessed it - DIGITAL CONTENT.

/end rant :)

In non-rant news, the PSP version of Silent Hill SM is pretty good.

ThePlaystation3guy3399d ago

Be Buying the Uncharted 2 Skin pack! YES!!

xabmol3399d ago

Good Cole/Bad Cole for me!

Though I'm interested to see if the KZ2 chars look better or worse with the ND engine as opposed to the GG one.

BeaArthur3399d ago

Nothing hear really appeals to me. The Uncharted 2 skins are cool but there is no chance I am paying for them. I have already traded in AC2, so other than the AvP demo (assuming it shows up) there is nothing there for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.