IGN: MAG - First day impressions

Due to the fact that MAG is exclusively online, has some persistent elements (your faction scores for the various map types are tracked even while you are offline), and that certain features will only be unlocked as missions are won, it'll still likely still be a little while before we are ready to give a fair verdict. So, this is to let you, our readers, know that we have and are actively playing MAG. If you're not sure if it's worth dropping $60 on, we suggest you wait until our review.

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MGOelite3888d ago

"it'll still likely still be a little while before we are ready to give a fair verdict."

yet they have already reviewed it on the same day...

Pennywise3888d ago

This article states what all sites should be doing, but you are right... They did review it.

I played 7 hours last night and I am not high enough to play domination or play as leader. These reviews that came out are totally BS. I thought so before I played, but now I am 100% sure of it.

Dragun6193888d ago

"MAG was released today, and after about seven hours of solid play, we aren't ready to do a review quite yet. "

So does this mean IGN Uk is re reviewing the game? Wow, 7 hours?, what half ass job, they probably just wanted to be first and Usually they take they're time reviewing most games.

ToastyMcNibbles3888d ago

guys this is a mistake, this isn't the UK IGN site this is from the US the link you'll see it

ryuzu3888d ago

Hmm someone dropped the ball here....

Better get on then horn to the limeys and tell them to tear that review down and wait for the "Go" from HQ.

Lolz - IGN pwns itself by discrediting it's own reviews....


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THE MAX SPEED 213888d ago

this game looks blend and boring to say the truth. That's the only PS3 I'm not hyped for.

ToastyMcNibbles3888d ago

it may "look" it but once you actually "play" the game you'll notice how fun and very complex it can be... this isn't call of duty or any other shooter and if you go into MAG thinking thats how it should be played you will not have fun... this game actually forces players to play as a team and the main purpose is to go after the objectives and i absolutely love that about the game.. you have to actually work and play smart so that you can win and grab a lot of xp...

from there use the skill points you've earned to upgrade you character and from then on things just get better...become a squad leader and you feel this sense of responsibility and sense of leadership that you dont feel in other shooters...i admit at first when i played the beta i wasn't impressed but its really grown on me now and i cant put down the controller

Pennywise3888d ago

Max speed you should be ashamed. All of you judging this game on its beta should be ashamed.