God Of War III: Longest In Franchise History

GT: Recently we that learnt that God Of War III will last well past 10hrs, so we went digging to see what were the lengths of the first and second titles, what we found was truly impressive.

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movements3400d ago

Epic! For the lack of a better word.

Dipso3400d ago

Epic was once a word reserved for the likes of God of War, bombastic theme tunes and incredibly long movies starring Charlton Heston..unfortunately it has lost all meaning in the world of internet speak.

mt3399d ago

it is already epic!
it is GOW after all

StanLee3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

6-7 hours for the previous 2 games. I completed each in just under 8 hours. I'm waiting for the fanboys to come in here and again claim they they took 17 hours to complete God of War II.

Simon_Brezhnev3399d ago

stanlee u been so insecure since you sold marvel

LordMarius3399d ago

I will probably spend 20 hours on it, I want to look at every detail and take in every scenery

m-s-8-23399d ago

Define "complete". To beat the game? Number 1 and 2 maybe took me 7 hours each. Completion, and by that I mean all the unlockable extras, took much longer than that.

bacon133399d ago

This game could last 3 hours and I would still play it with a huge smile on my face. Can't wait for mid March!

darthv723399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

considering i got the games when they launched I only recently beat 1 and then 2. Yes it took me a few YEARS to play and beat them. Not because I am slow but because there were so many great games between then and now and I just have to play some of all of the them.

Ones I still need to finish:
Mass effect 1
Resistance 1 & 2 (i play alternately)
Killzone 2
lost odyssey
zelda: windwaker
the list goes on and on....

Oh almost forgot: shadow of the colossus (half way through that one)

On topic, god of war is great and I am really looking forward to the 3rd and final chapter. Kratos gots to get hiz kill on against zeus.

OmarJA-N4G3399d ago

Ironically your also a fanboy.

snaz273399d ago

Its not enough to say you completed a game in 6-7 hours! You should say what difficulty you played it on too, cos you know that makes a big difference! In my book if you aint completed it on the hardest difficulty then you aint completed it at all.

colonel1793399d ago

it will be... wait for it... wait for it... L


ABizzel13399d ago

God of War 1 was about 6 - 7 hours
God of War 2 was about 8 - 9 hours (I still don't remember the Titans vs. Gods cut scene someone else must have been playing then)

So if God of War 3 is longer it should be about 10 - 12 hours.

All of these times are based off playing the game on Normal difficulty.

snaz273399d ago

i appreciate your honesty but can i ask, why would you play the games on normal? your kinda cheating yourself out of the full experience. like for instance in certain games the ai wont be that good, and dont you want to try your luck against them at their best? isnt half the fun in the challenge? i hate it when people say, oh i didnt like *insert game*, it was too short and easy!.. im like oh yeah what you play it on?... oh i played it on easy... its just retarded to me lol... like the people that use cheats to finish a game or unlock stuff, wtf is the point? lol why buy the game? i know a guy that paid for the unlock code on burnout, to get all the cars! i just dont get it.

StanLee3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Far from a fanboy and you'd be hardpressed to find an unreasonable comment from me on any topic. It's unreasonable to say that you took 17 hours to complete God of War II in an attempt to discredit someone who claims the game has less that 8 hours of gameplay, which it does, and which is exactly what an overzealous fanboy did in an article yesterday. Fact are facts.

@ Snaz27

Playing games on normal difficulty isn't cheating yourself. A harder difficulty doesn't mean more competent AI, it just means the enemy AI has more health or more enemies are spawned into a particular setpiece. A harder difficulty doesn't change the puzzle or exploration elements, nor the games story, pacing or progression. To say a harder difficulty gives you a better experience is just elitist. In fact, playing the game on a harder difficult leads to more frustration resulting in the average gamer less likely to finish the game. Though I must admit playing the game on the Titan difficulty was more enjoyable than God, but that's just the masochist in me.

nycredude3399d ago


You might have finished it in that amount of time but how can you assume that everyone else finished it that fast. Everyone plays at their own pace in their own way. For me when I read a review and they mention the length of a game I always add at least several hours to it cause I've found I always take longer that reviewers to finish a game. I like to play at a leisurely pace, which is why I have a back log of like 8-10 unfinished games.

I also like to play games I really like more than once.

snaz273399d ago

also i should of added in some games they do increase difficulty the cheap way, ie adding health to enemies etc, or sometimes they use a mixture of both, ie better ai and more health. so in part you are right...

StanLee3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

I agree with you. Everyone's skill level is different that's why placing an arbitrary number on play time is ridiculous and it goes both ways. Saying you took 17 hours to complete the game doesn't mean that that's how many hours of gameplay is in the game and using it as a reason to discredit someone who took 8 hours is asinine. My comment was directed specifically at a comment made in another article yesterday about the game's length. Again, now, like then, I'm not criticizing the game's length. But of course, fanboys are predisposed to be defensive so any comment not in glorious praise is an attack.

@ Snaz27

Thanks for the reply and I appreciate your point of view.

snaz273399d ago

i take it you dont wanna take me up on giving me your gamertag so i can see your trophies? that would obviously prove that you do play on hard... i dont mind if you dont play on hard, i think you missed my point... its just i do hate people that say a game didnt take long, or brag that they completed it in a quick time, when all they did was fly through it on easy! i completed killzone 2 on veteran and elite, you may have my ps3 tag to verify, i recently completed batman on hard too, ive also done wipeout hd on elite (boy oh boy that was tough) but you see these are acheivements i can brag about and be proud of, i dont care how long it took me lol, ive never counted, or kept track... oh i platinumed dead space too.

jalen2473399d ago

"I completed each in just under 8 hours"

I don't believe you. GOW II was a longer game than GOW I so how would you have beat each in just under 8 hours each? Were you playing on the easiest mode?...LOL

sikbeta3399d ago

"I completed each in just under 8 hours"

Me too, In MORTAL Difficulty -.-


This is Amazing, Long Single Player Games FTW!!!

ABizzel13398d ago

I play all my games on Normal at first because I want to enjoy the game, and not be stuck on a part because I can't get past a certain part. I like to enjoy the experience without any hassle , and then if I want the challenge I'll go back and play the game on Hard to unlock the hardest difficulty. That's why I play on Normal first.

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movements3400d ago

@ Dipso, don't worry, a new word will be forged....leave it to the gods... : )

Bonyi3399d ago

I do not understand the latest news. Stig Asmussen already mentioned at E3, that length will be between 1 and 2. And I thin 2 was way longer, than the 1st.

We will see.

Rock Bottom3399d ago

He said the number of bosses will be something between GOW and GOWII, not the game's length. One had 3 bosses(not counting each form), two has... I counted 10, without forms(some had up to 3 forms).

thehitman3399d ago

Varies on difficulty and how skillful players are. I dont know why people argue over a number that can become so vague.

xabmol3399d ago

It's the same reason people argue over review scores. (On this site at least)

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