Why GTA IV episodes are worth $50 million

At first glance it seems like a ludicrous amount of cash, but is Microsoft's reported $50 million shell-out to secure exclusive dibs on two downloadable Grand Theft Auto IV episodes really that crazy?

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TacticalChunder4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I think the informed gamer who's going to look at the options between the two would already own a console, so no winning situation there.

But for the millions of people that aren't on the pulse of the gaming community, those without a console, will they really know that xbox offers this exclusive material?

To me i think this is a huge wad of money to spend on 'episodes'. Fix the rings of death first!

Dr Pepper4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I think that the fact that you can get the same game for $200 less will move 360s more than the exclusive content factor (for the "less informed" gamer).

nirwanda4138d ago

we don't know the details of the deal as no one so said what this deal includes the game will get blanket coverage across tv and magazines like FHM for instance.
So if part of the 50 million is to go towards advertising like saying 60 hours of extra content coming soon only on xbox live in all the ads then yes this will sway the mainstream

DrunKao4138d ago

I agree with Dr Pepper. The price difference between the 360 and PS3 will be the biggest deciding factor by far for anyone buying a new console to play GTA IV.

power of Green 4138d ago

Dr Pepper & DrunKao, you are both right although what you guys say is based on pre launch and just after launch reasoning. Once little joe has heard his buddy is playing massive additions of GTA on his 360(in 08; Adults included) vs his buddy on his PS3 considering this little guy does not have a Next-Gen console yet what do you think which console he'll be begging his mummy for?.

Trust me theres alway late comers to a hit game(Lost Planet is selling like crazzy still; many new level ones online every day)$200 difference in price and the fact the content will have made it to the masses be word of mouth, reviewers, news of all types, this was smart on MS's part.

DrunKao4138d ago

I don't want to comment on how much the episodic content will affect 360 sales as no one knows what the content will offer nor how heavily it will be advertise.

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Anything but Cute4138d ago

I agree with the dude aboved me. Will casual people even be informed about this? I have no doubt GTA 4 will sell more on XBOX 360 than PS3 because 360 has a larger userbase. The price point is the main reason that a lot of people settle for 360 over PS3. Especially when people see it's getting most of the same games. But is this extra content gonna sell XBOX 360's? I'm not sure about that.

Dr Pepper4138d ago

The extra content will probably help sway people's minds if they own both a 360 and PS3. But I'm not sure if it will help with anything else.

CrazzyMan4138d ago

i mean, on PS3 there will be also getaway 3 and 8 days, and maybe exclusive(or time exclusive) L.A.Noire(not comfirmed, only rumor about making for nextgen consoles and mentioning only ps3 in financial report).

only to GTA fans, which want GTA4 and nothing more, x360 FTW.

nirwanda4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

the getaway game were very poor and devoid of good fun gameplay that gta has and a new franchise like 8 day's has to be really good to breakthrough to a level where it is accepted by the mainsteam just look at saint row or any of the other GTA clones on the PS2/xbox and to be honest I don't think L.A.noire will be anything like GTA.

I'm more interested in the former GTA creators new game APB a MMO gta game

DrunKao4138d ago

I think people that like GTA style games would be more inclined to buy a 360 actually. The 360 already has 3 GTA type games available right now (Just Cause, Saint's Row, Crackdown), while the PS3 currently has none. So you expect those people to pay more when no one even knows if 8 days or Getaway 3 will be any good (graphics aside)?

CrazzyMan4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

L.A. Noire will be good for it`s atmosphere, just watch some trailers. =)
just cause2, saint row2 - all this will be on ps3.
about crackdown, good point - unless people waiting for pricecut of x360, all who loves such type games already bought x360, other wait for price cut of x360 or for price cut of ps3. =)

"So you expect those people to pay more when no one even knows if 8 days or Getaway 3 will be any good (graphics aside)?"
About Getaway graphics, it`s already far beyond of GTA4, look at these trailers, ALL OF THEM: - 2005. - 2006. - 2007.
unless you watch all these 3 trailers, don`t comment. =)
poor video quality, but that is how GTA4 could look, if it wasn`t a multiplatform.. :)

no one even knows if GTA4 will be any good (unless you have a time machine =)) ) ?
till games are released, noone knows that, but 8days already looking Hot.

DrunKao4138d ago

Don't comment on what, the fact that you ignored the "(graphics aside)" portion of my comment, lol?

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power of Green 4138d ago

If new gamers join the market( and dont have a next-gen console) based on a buddy playing GTA they'll buy a 360. Whats hard to understand?.

L.A.Noire & 8 days are coming to the 360.

#1 your envyous rabid ass cmoment isn't going to change anything. lol

DiLeCtioN4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

maybe la noire but your 360 console can never play 8 days its published and developed by SCEA sorry i burst your bubble :(

etownone4138d ago

good informative article. M$ took sonys best selling game and got exclusive content with it. ITs the BIGGEST slap in the face to all sony fans. Especially if your a sony fan that bought a PS3 early for GTA.
ANd I think it would DEFINITELY move consoles. M$ will drop the price this year on their console. So your looking at about a bundle price less than $300 for game and console. This is what will influence the parents this season. Cause all kids want to play GTA, and of course HALO. Sony has nothing that the kids know about or are waiting to play this holiday season until of course God of War 3 next year if they are lucky.

risk4138d ago

i wanna go to this future when the xbox 360 is sold for 300$ buy 6 of them come back sell em and buy a ps3 :)

etownone4138d ago

do you really not believe M$ will have a price drop this year? core down to $199 perhaps? or even $250??? then they can
make it a bundle with GTA4 or Halo for $300.

Last year alot of big stores (best buy, circuit city) had specials, premium 360 with a choice of game. Or didn't you know?

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