World of Warcraft 'will not be beaten'

New MMO onslaught set for 2010 will not unseat Blizzard's Warcraft, says online giants.

MMO specialists have told MCV that predicting the fall of World of Warcraft is 'futile'.

Blizzard's title is the world's most lucrative MMO, raking in over $100 million a month.

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m-s-8-23247d ago

Just wait for Hello Kitty Adventure Island, then we'll talk.

Cosquae3247d ago

I'm more worried about when a Pokemon MMO hits Asia ;)

xabmol3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Screw Asia. I want that!

And I don't even like Pokemon, but the idea of a MMO based on capturing wild monsters, training them, and fighting 'em against other real players... I'm in!

This^ and/or a Demon's Souls MMO are the only games that even wanna make me try that life consuming genre.

dreamtheater873247d ago

Or you could just play as a hunter in WoW and do exactly that :P

Reibooi3247d ago

I love how the article tries to imply that WoW is special in some way by saying If people wanna play WoW they will play it.

Lets get something straight there is NOTHING special about WoW. The only reason the game is so successful is luck. It happened to come out at a good time and alot of people tried it out and then players friends joined in and then their friends and then their friends and teh chain went on and on to create a massive player base.

Now when you consider the fact that a MMO is alot more fun when there are alot of people then WoW has everything else out there beat.

But in terms of game play or anything else for that matter the game is not special. The game is ugly, the game play isn't special(I mean even things like the skill tree's were copy and paste from Diablo 2)

Personally I am waiting for Final Fantasy XIV because while it may not beat WoW the game is stunningly beautiful and in addition to that SE has ALOT of new and interesting ideas for the game. Sure these ideas could fail but the exciting thing is if they work there will be nothing else like the game out there and that will eventually = players. Lets not forget the game will also be on PS3. Something that will certainly help it.

xabmol3246d ago

WoW has 500+ monsters/animals each with 3+ stages of development and each stage having various levels of attacks? And each animal has a different personality/abilities based on how you train it and treat it?

Like, seriously?? o.0?!

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Foxgod3247d ago

Just wait until someone finds the sword of a 1000 truths.

peeps3247d ago

it will be the end of the world.... of warcraft

Nihilism3247d ago

"$100 million a month"


Nineball21123247d ago

^^^ Yeah, that was my reaction too.

That's some serious cabbage.

Cosquae3247d ago

Over $100m per month...

...and pc gaming is dying apparently ;)

WildArmed3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Dmn. O_O
Thats a huge chunka money for a game that was released waaay back

I couldn't get into WoW.. quit it b4 half of my trial period was over =/

Midgard2283247d ago

wow sux, richest mmo company out there and still cant afford a good graphics update lol

Dead_Cell3247d ago

Less demanding graphics opens the game to a wider audience, therefore more profits.

Anyway Shadowbane > WoW.

silvacrest3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

thats what i said to my online friend who was trying to get me into WoW
i knew blizzard was making alot of money but damn more then a billion a year from one game......and the graphics still look like that? WTF?

@Dead_Cell, thats not really an excuses, i have played other MMOs that had decent graphics but players we able to tone down the graphic detail if it was to demanding for the PC, blizzard could easily do this with the insane amount of cash they have

Midgard2283247d ago

i played the first eq, it had a graphics update that was optional, if ur comp sucked use the old engine, if it was beast use the new one, why cant wow do it?

only funny thing is in eq the new engine had new everything lol, new face models, new animations, new hair, colors etc, im pretty sure blizzard cud afford it and do the same thing.

alot of us have gaming comps and its for nothing if u play wow

Limited_Vertigo3247d ago

No one plays MMOs for the graphics. They play it for the community and and depth of gameplay.

silvacrest3247d ago

i played city of heroes for about 3 and a half years, the graphics are nothing special but if it looked like WoW i would have sold my account on ebay, day one of playing

yes the community keeps you there but before you find one, decent graphics, gameplay and story all come first, if these things are not there you wont stick around long enough to find a good community

Limited_Vertigo3247d ago

World of Warcraft disproves your claims and proves mine.

Midgard2283247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

all im saying is blizzard makes so much money, why cant they reward their high end pc users with a nice graphic update? and no one plays games for graphics? i guess if it was up to u it wud be fine if Wow looked like a NES 2d pixel game huh?

so what wow is popular, doesnt mean its god, look at communisim, satinism, murdering ect, crap loads of people do it or like it, does that mean its awesome? NO!

wow may play ok, but blizzard needs to do more than just release a new raided boss that wont be open to fight for 5 years.. Ahem lich king anyone? lmao u morons bought that expansion and still havent fought him haha

*edit dude, and i clearly said u wudnt mind if wow looked like an nes game, and moron who gets offended so easily, WOW IS A GAME, and so are mmo's, lol wtf man

Limited_Vertigo3247d ago

I never said people don't play games for graphics. I CLEARLY said people don't play MMOs for the graphics. Make sure you get your facts straight before you attempt to argue someone's comments.

silvacrest3247d ago

actually your still wrong

your exact words were 'No one plays MMOs for the graphics'
the fact that i didn't play WoW because of its graphics already proves you wrong, if you think i just made this up on the spot look up at my previous comment in this thread where i said i didn't play WoW because of the graphics

Limited_Vertigo3247d ago

You've got to be kidding me. You really think my words were meant to be taken as absolute and literal. There are a few anomalies within any set of rules. Simply because you choose MMOs for the graphics does not make the millions who play WoW not for the graphics void.

Midgard2283247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

u need to become a spoke person for them, i guess cuz millions of people who play it, it means its just like the millions who rape children....moron.

while yes we can see from ur statement that millions of people have crappy computers and just op to play wow because their comp can handle it and their friends play it aswell, my simple statement was FREAKIN RAISE THE GRAPHICS IF THEY WANT EVEN MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! o crap that made sense didnt it?

*edit at below

ur right, almost, but some like both ever think of that? prbly not lol. i luv gameplay first but wows gameplay isnt all that, i played it, gameplay is sloppy, slow, doesnt look nice, isnt fun, only thing is that its stupid easy.
very very easy, wtf max lvl in a month? story sux, everyone looks the same, nothing to say whos different than someone else, all max lvls look the same.

DirtyLary3247d ago

There are two camps of gamers.

One is obsessed with graphics and make all decisions upon them.

The other rates substance and quality of game play.

silvacrest3247d ago

i no you cant reply to this but i will post it anyway, first, if you dont mean what you say dont say it, second, the point of my previous post was that if i was not willing to play WoW because of its graphics then there are probably others

and i will reverse what you said to further prove my point, you choose MMOs for the community does not make the millions who dont play WoW for the graphics void

[email protected] what i want from WoW or any MMO is the full package gameplay, community, graphics etc out of all the MMOs WoW should be able to achieve this easier then anyone else

maybe im a graphics whore but i still want the best especially if im paying $15 a month

WildArmed3247d ago

For the record, I know a lot of WoW addicts and players.. and they all think that WoW has the best gfx in mmo.. *face palm*
I just dont think most of WoW audience hasn't tried anything over their frist MMO (which might be RuneScape or WoW)
Which is fine.. I'm not here to judge em.

I was like.. o_O

moe843247d ago

Sure, Blizz can afford the graphics update. They just don't want too. They know that when companies overhaul their already successful game they tend to lose players. The game won't feel like it did.

It's not the graphics that's keeping players anyhow, it's the game play, the story and the community. If graphics mattered, games like FF Online wouldn't be up and running... still. That game is probably one of the sh!tt!est looking games to date. Looked like sh!t when it released, nothings changed.

silvacrest3247d ago

it would not be an overhaul though, they could clearly state that the update is just for players who have PC's capable of running better GFX and anyone who wants to stay the way they are can do so

i agree with the community comment but i want it all, there is no real reason to compromise graphics

moe843247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Okay, so use 2 different vid engines eh? Okay, well what happens when only a small portion of your player base use said new engine? If there aren't enough players using it to warrant continued support, then what happens? You drop it, because you're losing money both developmentally and in game. Doing so you end up pissing off those players who did use it, and they rage/emo quit. Or you piss off the players who can't use it, because they don't get the same experience the next guy is, for the same monthly fee.

Or, said new engine swallows up the player community, leaving only a few people using the older engine. Same thing, there aren't enough people to (from a business perspective) keep development with that engine. So you scrap it. So now, you've just given the middle finger to the players who can't play the game they've been with for years.

Like it or not, Blizz has reasons behind their madness. It's a business and they're going to keep making as much money as they can. Making a change this late in the game, or even making a WoW2 can bite them on the ass. Sure it will make some players happy, but history has shown such changes drive more players off. More so then the number of players who stop playing because they can't stand the visuals anymore, or at all.

Voice_of_Reason3247d ago

Very few people actually having gaming rigs. If you want to see what happens when an MMO caters to just those players look at EQ2. Really you might think it needs an update but I am fine with the art style they chose.I can see every inch of WSG and if they updated the graphics a lot, I wouldnt be able to do that. Just because there are top of the line PCs out there doesnt mean 14 million people own them.

Yes EQ did an update. EQ also catered to only top 10% of players in their expansions. I'd prefer WoW not try to copy them in any way.

silvacrest3247d ago

i'll try and address some of your comments, i think theres some confusion going on

"Okay, so use 2 different vid engines eh?"

simply put, no, use one engine that can achieve better graphics but have low, medium and high graphic settings available, pretty much what it has now but when you put it on high it actually looks much better, alot of MMOs already do this

"well what happens when only a small portion of your player base use said new engine? If there aren't enough players using it to warrant continued support, then what happens?"

everyone is using the same engine so support is not an issue

the community stays the same because there is still only one engine and the game still looks the same for people with sh!t computers but people with moderate to high end PCs benefit, any player complaining about equality can only blame themselves for having a minimum spec PC and even saying that the game still plays and looks the same on there screen

its obvious why they dont do this, with there current player base why should they? short answer is they dont need to but to attract new players this would be a good start but again, with their player base they dont need to

moe843247d ago

Blizzard, for the most part has the engine working WoW maxed out. Aside from a few tweaks that can be done there isn't much to do.

To do what you're saying(to follow other mmos lead) Blizz would need a new engine. Going back to the controversial issue of making the game look different than the player base is use to. Running the risk of pissing off a lot of people. Again, more so than what is getting mad at these "aweful" graphics.

What Blizzard is doing works quite well, and shouldn't be changed because a very small portion of the 12 million players want to cry.
Taking a lesser risk instead of a huge risk is a lot smarter than people think.

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DirtyLary3247d ago

People have invested so much of their lives into WOW.

They will never quit until the plug is pulled.

Nihilism3247d ago

It will be like the Matrix, will they leave and return to reality knowing the riches they will leave behind...

duplissi3247d ago

which is why i havent touched wow, and will never touch it- normal video games already take up much of my life as it is..

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