Underhyped and underplayed games of this generation |

From No More Heroes to Brutal Legend, takes a look at some of the lesser-played titles of this generation.

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RooiWillie3187d ago

Hehehehe classic follow-up :)

Sangria3187d ago

No More Heroes, Brütal Legend, Dark Sector and MadWorld have the same weaknesses, they have interesting concepts but poor realization and lesser gameplay, which become quickly very repetitive.

I've finished NMH just to know if Travis Touchdown will finally accomplish his goal (f***ing Olivia) and because dialogs made me laugh, but the game itself isn't really good. I love Brütal Legend art style and dialogs, but the gameplay is very bad and the game lack of polish. Dark Sector brings an interesting add-on to the Third Person Shooter genre but its story and its game design are very generic. While MadWorld has an unique aspect but it becomes very repetitive as soon as you have completed the tutorial.

So even if I support small developers and would love to see games with a design as much developed as Brütal Legend, those games do not belong to any pantheon.

xabmol3187d ago

I loved the world of Brutal Legend (bought the game day 1) but the game-play it's self was... meh...

And No More Heroes was a turd covered gem. I liked some of the fighting mechanics, the boss fights were cool, and the story/atmosphere was funny. But I hated those odd jobs, that poorly designed open world BS, and replaying the same fights over, and over, and over, and over...

knifefight3186d ago

Brutal Legend was underhyped? I saw it on the cover of at least one magazine and posts about it were all over the internet for quite a while x_x

MajesticBeast3186d ago

the story and enviroment was good in brutal legend but the gameplay just wasnt there it was half assed like it needed more polish instead of multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.