Gone but not forgotten: the best 'dead' websites

PC World lists the best 'dead' gaming websites that no longer operate.

"Here at PC World, we've seen a lot of cool websites come and go over the years. From tiny independent gems to all-conquering juggernauts, the grim reaper comes knocking on every server door eventually. One day it'll be our turn too. Gulp.

Being a sentimental bunch, we've decided to honour a few of our fallen friends and rivals. (We've also included links to existing mirrors and archives, where applicable.) But enough eulogising. Don your best black, and join us on a tour through the Super-Information graveyard. You may want to bring a wreath…"

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Mr_Bun3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Was it gamedaily or gameplayer that would make up top 10 lists and then list each item on a separate page?....If it was gameplayer, then I say I hope to never see you again!!!

mephman3185d ago

I think that was GameDaily, or GamesRadar or something.

Nineball21123185d ago

Mr Bun,

It was probably gameplayer (which they talk about in the article).

Remember the ol' "Sony Gives 64 Million Gamers the Finger" story? LOL

AngryFork3185d ago

torrentspy ...we will never forget.

Also this isn't a website but AOL chatrooms, lawl. Those were the shi* in the 90s, nostalgia ftw.

Magna Farta3185d ago

Websites will come and go, I still know of sites that havent been updated in 10 years but they're still online

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